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Damage Reduction



Hello, I have a question regarding damage reduction. I'm currently playing Gara and I have 3 damage reduction sources.

1. Armor  - 125 base + 600 arcane guardian

2. Adaptation - 90% to whatever I get hit by

3. Splinter Storm - 90% damage reduction

So my question is, how exactly do these 3 damage reductions interact with each other? Also, is there a cap to damage reduction? Thanks!

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I believe the damage reductions are all multiplicative with each other.

Armor: Damage is reduced by 725/(725+300) = ~70% reduction (Ferrite Armor Type Modifiers Apply)

Adaptation: 90% resistance is added on top of you natural health type multipliers (Shield/Flesh Health Type Modifiers Apply)

Splinter Storm: Flat 90% reduction against all sources. (Not effected by Elements/Ect.)


So if you get hit by 100,000 Electric Damage,  it gets fully reduced by all of them with no modification to a comfy 300 damage.


And if you get hit by 100,000 Toxin Damage, from what I know it should work out like...

Armor gets reduced to ~543.75 and damage gets magnified to 125,000 due to Ferrite weakness against it, that number then gets reduced ~64.4% to 44,500 by armor.

Adaptation increases your Flesh resistance to Toxin from -50% to 40% reducing the damage to 26,700.

Then Splinter Storm reduces that by 90% to a still lethal 2,670 damage.

But if you toss an Ancient Specter into that, that 2,670 gets reduced again by 90% to 267 and Gara lives.


There is no cap to the reduction I am aware of.

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