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Excavators/Sentinels for Fishing & Mining


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Come on. It's the best idea since sliced bread.

If we could either...

1. Deploy Excavators to Earth/Venus to draw some mining resource or fish

2. Have a Sentinel that upon entering an open world, cloaks and scurries off to collect the mining resource/fish, how cool would that be?

For excavations, we would just have pools to choose from for the Ore and Fish. Fishing would require us to provide X amount of bait and our fishing poles.

For sentinel, we would equip it with the dye and fishing rods as well or mining laser, maybe even introduce mods to improve catch success rates/mine speeds.


The clutch here for fishing/mining is that either way, you'd have to give it your rod/mining lasers for the time being to conduct the work. This creates a great solution to minimize the players who leech during bounties to just fish/mine while you do the work. If they could passively acquire these resources, they'd either be helping out or leeching somewhere else that's less annoying because you would lose your ability to mine/fish while they're active. While some might just sit there still with the sentinel, chances are it'll be more obvious they're leeching for reporting purposes or they won't and actively join the fight.

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