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Floating & Immobile enemies during Defend the Drone stage


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During defend the drone stage, I realized the enemies that were dropped from the dropship, well, weren't "dropped". They just floated and didn't move an inch. And they would never move even after you finish the whole bounty. Just now, I did 5 bounties in one session and the floating enemies from the first bounty were still there when I returned to do a mission from the 5th bounty.


To make them fall, I think you have to damage their health. If the damage didn't bypass their shield, they still wouldn't move.


example 1

example 2

example 3


I played solo exclusively, and this happened in the level 30-50 & level 40-60 bounty (maybe it also happens in lower level bounties but I never do those again).

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5 hours ago, xkvnrichie said:

Eh, still happened to me right before I posted this topic haha. So I guess their fix didn't work haha

Is not work, I was report immediately after their hotfix in this thread, but also I was notice another one conflict on PoE, where I was saw condrocs how they staying in 1 point and they cannot to fly:


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