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Robotic companion extra slot requirement bug


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Seems that claiming robotic companion from foundry currently requires two slots of space. This requirement has nothing to do with the fact, does the robotic companion require two slots of space.

If player has only one slot remaining and tries to claim Moa from foundry, it prompts player to buy extra slots. Since least some Moa's are not coming with items that require additional slot, claiming would only consume one slot of space, the one that player already has. Been forced to buy two extra slots will leave player with two extra slots at end, instead of having all slots taken to use.

This situation would be not big problem for players having bit extra platinum available. For people that counts every plat and deals with short budget, the extra 12 :platinum:could ruin the day.

Old system was good to the point when every sentinel, aka robotic now, would always come with weapon thus requiring always two slots.


Please consider running script that would refund the cost of two slots back to players, if player has two robotic slots available. After this issue has been corrected.

Why only one pair not all? This would most likely involve those people who already have all robotics for the moment, and would help people who had to buy slots with their small budget and left with excess. Even with immediate release of additional robotics items, people with low budget might consider to spending that plat to weapon slots rather robotics, or cover next frame slots price.


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