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Migrated Weapon Slots: ignis wraith ported?


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My bug is unusual... and I have checked this thing 10 times, so I'm pretty sure my math is correct... Here's my issue:

On the switch, after migrating last night, I checked my inventory. of course some things don't come through, as that's well been said, at least some things are locked behind update walls. Garuda's missing, as per. But then I have 9 weapon slots that are empty. Now, of course, my first thought is "kitguns, my 4 kitguns right?" no, apparently there's ANOTHER bug with them everyone is talking about, able to use them still etc. SO then, what weapons are missing?


I went checking. The market says I have 4 weapon slots open to be filled, yet I have 9 empty slots in my weapon inventory. THat means I have 5 weapons that are not there because of update walls. I went down my PC inventory, and my Switch inventory, one by one, until I found out what the missing weapons were: Batticor, Falcor, Paracisis, and Nagantaka are the only weapons I don't have that are SUPPOSED to be there when we get the content updates for them. The fifth missing weapon is nowhere to be found, unless DE accidentally allowed the Ignis Wraith, the ONLY other weapon I can find to be missing, to be ported over when we were told it would not be. SOmeone know about their own Ignis Wraith being there but not?

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