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New weapon and new weapon mecanic


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So... I wanted to share an idea I had a while back and I wanted to see what you guys thought, its for a weapon, to be more exact, for this one example, it will be swords, but it will extend to other weapons such as guns and the like.

Its a one handed weapon that could be best described as a stick. To build it, well, all you need is a forma, scrap, aloy plates, and nuraloptics. 
This weapon will introduce new feature into the game involving weapon adaptation. You can not mod this weapon, but it dose rank up. As you kill things and use it, it begins to change from rank to rank, to be exact, every three ranks, earning a custom stance apon rank 30. These mods can not be ranked up and will be based on the enemies you kill with the weapon, as in the weapon must deal the final, fatel blow.

Here is a basic list me and my friend cooked up.

Scorpions: The more of this enimey type you kill, your weapon becomes more ranged, gain slash damage perks, and has a rare chance to gain a throw-able item to let you throw and grapple enimies to youm or let you grapple a wall and drag yourself to it, think of valkier's ability.

Chargers: Your weapon becomes more alive, being infected by the infested blood, gaining toxic damage as its edge hardens into bone, granting a higher chance for bleed damage.

Conculysts: Your weapon becomes infused with sentient energy, gaining some of the enemies' deadly combat pralise, rare chance your weapon will gain the ability where if melee is drawn and attack is held down, the frame will go into a spin attack, if held longer than three seconds, the attack will stop and you have a small recover time.


I am sure more can be cooked up, but there is one rule.

The weapon can only develop one special ability, so you can't stack Scorpion's grapple and Conculysts's spin thing.


The weapon will slowly change its aperance as you use it, gaining blades and other things based on the faction you kill, and some enimies will have specialized looking blades or parts, like bosses or mini bosses. Further more, this weapon can even adapt mods and looks from the Stalker and his minions, other warframes in pvp.


As I said, these just start as simple weapons with no mods when you first build them, but can become powerful based apon what you kill, but here is the thing, you can't sit down and do nothing, leveling it by sitting down off to the side, your weapon adapts to your needs, and if you don't use it, well. Two things will happen.

It becomes cosmatic, not being used it begins to take on a look that looks fancy, pleasing to the eye, but the mods. oh, you will get debuffs, and odds are you will get weapons that would do about as much as a wet peice of toilet paper.

It dosen't change, it stays a stick that you spent one forma on.


So, how do you get the blueprint for these weapons?

Well, a few ways I can imagin.

1. Alerts. We all know how these work... or I hope ya do.

2. Awards for spy missions.

3. Clan dojo resurch, your clan pays some resurch, gets the base blueprints for each weapon, and then you can buy it and make your own.

4. You buy it off the market. That simple.


Now, a few final notes to answer some questions.

No, you can not trade these to your fellow tenno. Yes, you can get a powerful one but you can't trade it.

Yes, You can "rebuild" the wepaon. Replacing the mod slot thing you get "rebirth" option, where using a forma, your weapon is set back to zero.

Yes, it resets the weapon all the way back to zero, you don't get to keep any of the custom stats the weapon has developed.

Yes, you can give the weapon a custom name, once you name it, the name can not be changed.

No, there will not be a version of this for arkwings, pets, setenals, or warframes. As cool as something like this would be, I can not start to imagin the nightmare of programing that would be.


Well, thats it. let me know what you think, or if you have any ideas for kills that add special things, or things to add to the adaptive weapon system.

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