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Fortuna Bounty Bugs


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While playing SOLO I have encountered these following bugs since mid-last week until today: 

Hack and protect the drone:

Drone spawned in an unusual place at a crossroad and not in the usual corpus camps, no reinforcements came for about 10 minutes when my patience ran out and left. There were plenty of other enemies nearby, but since those were not reinforcements, they did not count towards the mission goal.

Excavation :

Only one excavator spawned (I remember having 2 in solo mode), plenty of enemies yet none had any batteries. Also stood by the excavator for about 10 minutes with no change. No enemy acted weird, they came both by condor ships as well as coildrives. 


When playing in PUBLIC mode:

The "voting on x mission" part of the UI stays there, not gamebreaking but certainly not very enjoyable to stare at for 10 minutes. The thing disappears when leaving squad.

The Credit looting bounty (followed by assassination/ capture) doesn't always register the amount of credits looted, leaving squad registers both credits looted thus far and credits that I continue to loot.


This one I have noticed occur both in Solo and Public:

After running out of a specific type of bait I can't select another type of bait. I can open the wheel but clicking on another type of bait does nothing, nor does trying to use it (press 2). This has happened in 3 instances so far, both in caves as well as on the lakes.


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