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Let us add fans to the Liset decorations, for the sake oh head-bobbing bobbleheads!


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One day, it struck me like lightning:

What is the point of having bobbleheads, if you are in a controlled environment with no atmospheric disturbances to make their heads bobble at different speeds, directions and intensities? 

And the answer is: we need to muck with the A/C controller, Ordis be damned!

I'd like the Liset to have various types of A/C propeller-based fans, from the '20s ultra-dangerous, finger-chopping metal fins with no casing, to the old-fashoned with wire casing, to modern clean designs, to a Kiteer exclusive Orokin-styled, Dyson-like fanless orbicular design using the coanda effect. 

It should be possible to set the fan's rotation angle to a fixed position, to go back and fort in an arc, to make it rotate continuously.

Bonus point to add the ability of enabling various particle and weather effects to the fan's output. 

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