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Some Bugs To Consider


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The following bugs I just typed out after some gameplay...however, some of them I have been experiencing quite often.

I also would like it noted that I seek to become a game developer in the future, hopefully near future :P, so I am aware that I didn't put the following in the proper bug reporting format. Please be patient and ask any questions. I look forward to posting more on the forums.

1. Headless Loki while stealthed glitch: after a short time in stealth, Loki's body is visible to enemies yet only Loki's head

remains stealthed; the duration of the stealth power is still going on, so one cannot recast it;

2. Loki's Decoy's stats are hidden...the player does not know how much shields and health it has, nor does the decoy move at all; 

the Decoy also only uses a Lato pistol instead of using the item that the player has equiped, thus making it fairly easy

for anyone but the enemy AI to discern which Loki is the real loki; Perhaps give the decoy a certain level of AI, based on 

what level of upgrade the Decoy mod is(like basic level 1-15 AI for level 1 Mod, intermediate level 16-30 AI for Level 2 

Mod, etc.), as well as making the Decoy use the same weapon as the player's Loki is using(use the same code reference of

the Player's Secondary Weapon as the reference for the player's Loki's Decoy's secondary weapon: 


decoy.secondary=current.player.secondary.in.current.active.mission;) as well as try to make the Decoy more 'provocative'

towards enemies during active missions;

3. Defense missions: Orokin Artifact location; There really should be more than one spot where the 'Orokin Artifact in need of 

Defending' would spawn, because most of the locations where it spawns are difficult to defend at higher levels; Perhaps,

for levels intended for lower level players should have the 'O.A.i.N.o.D' in an easier to defend spawn position;

4. Lotus in-mission vocal notifications: Sometimes calling "Marines inbound" and "There are Grineer Marines Everywhere" in a

Corpus mission; Perhaps identify missions by "Corpus.Europa.Mission03=CEM03;" and only have Corpus audio: 

"Lotus.Vocal.Notification.Corpus=ON;"instead of having all audio-Lotus-vocal-Notifications on for almost every mission;

Or, if there will be a different faction active later in the mission, have like a "Checkpoint" or certain length of time 

or, certain distance away from the objective achieved before spawning the other faction(at which time you would then 

initiate the "Lotus.Vocal.Notification" for that faction on...and only have the Lotus.Vocal.Notification for the other

invovled factions only activate when units from that faction are incoming or locking-out the player or somethingS similiar;

5. Loki's Stealth: Greatly diminishes the volume of Lotus.Vocal.Notifications to the borderline-line-point of the player being 

unable to understand what Lotus is notifying the player about; perhaps dimish the volume slightly less; Enemy AI's behavior

when being attacked by stealthed players seems to be that the AI unit stands still or attempts to flee instead of finding 

cover or trying to identfy where the attack is coming from;

6. Grineer units shooting at no visible-to-player target when they aren't initially spawned in a Corpus mission; check the 

Grineer.Threat.Detector 's settings and re-identify the search parameters;

7. AI units go to the, more or less, exact position of the source of a disturbance, and run to that position, without moving towards

said position cautiously; as in, the AI blindly runs to that position, all but ignoring everything else that is going on

just to get to that aforementioned position;

8. Better Shieldospray tactics: instead of floating almost aimlessly about, the Shieldospray should try to hide from enemies, thus

requiring players to use different tactics to kill the Shieldospray;

9. Perhaps give Lotus some backstory to tell about the bosses on/near the planet-system that the player is on, while a player is in

a mission in that area, instead of Lotus continually and at certain intervals, saying the same thing time and again;

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