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Crashing Since 9.8


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i've had a pretty stable experience with Warframe since i started playing. (just before update 8) ... and since 9.8 i haven't been able to finish a mission.


so far it doesn't seem to matter what is happening on screen; cept that once the action starts to get intense it's insta freeze time. it does seem with each update my old &#! computer is having a harder and harder time keeping the framerates smooth.


anyways. hope the performance issues get ironed out agian so i can enjoy this game again.




Pentium D E8400

with GT 630

Windows Vista

RAM 2 gigs (i know not enough these days, but vista is a *@##$ about RAM)

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Same here, no problems when I started playing a few weeks ago, since update 9.8 frequent random screen freeze. Only the old trusty Ctrl+alt+del will get me out...

Three freezes in a row before you can complete a single mission does take a lot of fun away. And no new materials towards my Rhino. :(

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My game stops responding only when I am the host since the last update. It sometimes happens right at the loading screen, but usually half a minute into the game. alt+ctrl+del is the only solution. When I am not a host, I have no problems.




Tatt, source?

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My friend made an account yesterday to play with me and his game keeps crashing 5 minutes after the missions start. It always always freezes and crashes. He has a Phenom II Quad Core. Anyone knows a solution or a temporary fix? 

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