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I Quit Warframe Here Why


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First! my english is bad not that good i hope you guys understand my point why i quit this game

I talk about this to my friend he said "this game is to boring only fun thing to do is defense and survival missions you kill some thing is fun" i play this game more than him (1000+ Hr) i think he right in last couple day ago i keep doing on low level defense missions with new player no boringframe no unbalanceframe is so fun but in late game everything is too powerful if your warframe don't have ability to protect or heal yourself you will die in seconds i know lot people complains about balanced but this game like 50% balanced i want this warframe to be my main warframe but i can't because this warframe is too weak to go high level missions why not just make every prime is a same tier some weapon or warframe is too weak even is it prime and about Eidolon Teralyst i don't understand why people say is fun to fighting this thing is boring and painful i tried to solo but i can't my fingers hurt it take to long to kill even is full party still boring and painful my sentinel keep dying over and over again and focus system is pretty bad i feel like is too much grinding everytime i play public i see people play op build kill anything in one shot i want to say be op is not fun is ruin everything the main thing here why i quit is i feeling they add a new thing but they don't care about old thing remember Grineer Commander? how long to make them realize this is broken some old thing is still not good

I don't know maybe i'm wrong i love this game this game is amazing but i'm not gonna coming back anymore

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