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  1. NovusNova

    I got tricked then got suspended

    If you believe you were unfairly moderated then you can contact support about the ban. Otherwise you have to wait out the ban. Posting on the forums won’t help as no one on the forums can remove a chat suspension, only support who have access to logs. Support:
  2. NovusNova

    Moderators need moderation

    This has already had an official response by DE. " If you’ve been involved in the Chat Moderator discussion, we are working with a third party professional moderation team for consultation of our existing practices. We’ll be releasing a full write-up of our plans soon, so keep an eye out!"
  3. NovusNova

    Can't post in Xbox one bugs

    Seems to be an issue with the forums. You can post the thread and then report it to ask for it to be moved to the Xbox 1 bugs forum.
  4. If you have already opened a support ticket then you need to wait for support to respond, coming onto the forums and posting threads will not make them reply any faster. Support:
  5. NovusNova

    Who Else Knew Akjagara and Redeemer Were Gonna Be Primed With Mesa?

    I was hoping for Aksomati prime but that'll likely come late. Akjagara Prime was apparently shown during the art panel at tennocon this year (I wasn't able to go hence "apparently"). Don't think I saw many people talking about Redeemer Prime before now, talk was mostly focused on frame and primary/ secondary.
  6. NovusNova

    Tennogen 14

    PC buys the skins individually for real money, there are no tennogen skin packs on PC. Console players would be able to tell you how much round 13 costs on consoles but not 14 as no packs exist for that yet and it isn't coming with Console's Fortuna update.
  7. The forums are unable to assist with this. You need to contact support and open a ticket. Support:
  8. NovusNova

    I Quit Warframe Here Why

    Thank you for your feedback. Closing as "I quit" threads always descend into off topic insults and toxicity.
  9. Purely RNG, unless you have thousands of runs of recorded evidence. To me, had more rare parts drop when I've been playing with people on friends lists vs public. That could be because we use chat to go after 1 part at a time and refine relics as needed whereas public, its pot luck who joins. But then again I assume that's what all squads of friends do when they want to farm something.
  10. Your currently logged into a PC account, you need to log out and log back in with your Xbox account.
  11. NovusNova

    Platinum Reselling for Cheap

    Buying platinum from 3rd party sites not approved by DE (only the official site, steam and console stores are approved) then you are breaking the TOS and EULA. All that will happen is that you will be banned from the game and lose your money as DE will not honor the transaction if something goes wrong, such as if they take your money and never give the platinum they promised you. Only buy platinum from official stores.
  12. NovusNova

    Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation][*spoilers*]

    Umbra is limited series, Excal might be the only one, we don't know. As long as they release more "normal" warframes, there will always be more Prime Warframes to release.
  13. NovusNova

    Is gifting duplicate cosmetics possible?

    Rhino Graxx is tennogen and on PC is only buyable with real money through steam. Also I believe it now stops you when you attempt to gift someone cosmetics they already have, says something along the lines of "This user already owns this cosmetic".
  14. NovusNova

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.10

    That looks like the launcher is trying to download all Warframe files, like a fresh install. You didn’t delete the game by accident or something like that?
  15. "6) COMPLAINTS – We will not tolerate inappropriate, aggressive, or hostile complaints posted on the Forums. If you have a complaint about a player, report the issue. If you have a complaint about how your behavior on the forums has been moderated, send the Moderator a private message. They will do what they can to sort out any issues." If you have an issue with a chat moderator and have evidence of misconduct then submit it to support. Support: