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Corpus Units Immune to Gara


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I've just been farming some toroids with a friend and I find certain mobs are totally immune to my warframe's abilities. This is true of any warframe I play and other friends have complained of the same issue.

Here's what I mean:

There are 2 guys in this video that are immune, 1 that I play with for the first 15 odd seconds, the second I bullet jump through and he doesn't flinch (should be a one shot), finally I get to the other end and kill a random guy that isn't immune. You can also see that bullets work fine...

I don't know if this is a bug or a feature. If it's a feature then I'd love to know what causes them to become immune and if it's something we can avoid happening.

I also notice that the 2 mobs in the video are both affected by a corrosive proc, not sure if there's something to it. Removed the corrosive effect from my weapon and didn't have any problems on the 2nd run.

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So I'm starting to believe my friends didn't have the same problem with this and actually it's an issue specific to Gara.

I was running a corpus arbitration survival and the same thing happened, at first it was the odd unit or two but the problem became worse and worse. And no, this isn't "the drone is shielding them" issue.


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