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Stalker and Void Sabotage


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So i was just entering the portal into the Europa tileset "Lynx assasination" part of the Void Sabotage mission to get the "void key" to shut down the "torshion beam device" and stalker flashes his intro message.

Upon finishing and the other guy in the team puts in the "key", the countdown happens and by the time it finishes, i had a suspicioun that Stalker was not programmed for this. So instead of stalker dying (on the other side) i go into operator mode just to see if he does his "pull" thing. And he does. As soon as he pulls me, my operator goes through death animation. Then 2 seconds later pulls my frame to the other side and because DE didn't want people to just be stuck on the other side ALIVE the tileset is filled with "Death zones" so stalker gets his "winning" message because he effectively used an exploit to kill me.

Is it possible to report an NPC for cheating? i guess in the same viene one could argue when life support hits 0% all the enemies should also be effected and brought to "low HP" but they do not. Who knew that in a game where PvE is the main concern to balance DE managed to allow the NPC enemies to do whatever they want without recourse.

Amazing how "rare" this is. Stalker is so nerfed this seems to be the only way he can kill me anymore, by exploiting the game.

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