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Cannot login in-game, but can on the main website


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As title states, I can login perfectly fine here on the main website but for whatever reason I can't login in-game. I've already tried verifying/optimizing my cache just in case and still nothing. I'm not entirely sure what this would be categorized as but id be happy to change tags/add log screenshots if need be. Any help is super appreciated 🙂

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9 hours ago, GinKenshin said:

use a vpn, it fixes it. iirc it's an IP issue. I recommend softether vpn since it's free 

Tried it, still doesnt work. even then, I wouldnt wanna use it for long anyway since ik it can have some terrible ping problems


47 minutes ago, Disharm0ny said:

Welp, Warframe just patched a few MBs and somehow I can log in again.

I saw mine updated too and I tried it again to no avail. Hopfully DE responds soon 😕

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