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  1. Even better suggestion: With each NW reward tier, you get a choice between getting said reward or X amount of credits. For example: in tier 2, you can choose to get the 2k endo or X credits
  2. Why not just...shoot the drones? I mean if anything atlas needs to be a bit closer range for him to use abilities, thus it shouldn't be an issue to take the drones out, compared to frames who can't get too close and have to cast from afar
  3. intermission is on monday, that lasts 2 weeks+ and then season 3
  4. there's no more alerts. you get auras from doing nightwave tasks, getting nightwave specific credits and then buying the aura (if it's in rotation). nightwave will be back in a day or two iirc so you should get a chance to get some auras soon
  5. These are game defining systems that all players invested time, effort and money into. You can't just change these on a whim, ofc they're scared to do so....look at how they were planning on changing IPS like a year ago or smt Yeah, because you can't loot&shoot in PoE/OV, new railjack and probably PoD as well, and the kuva lich system being based on RnG which is the core system behind looters, and let's not forget the random weapons you can get from them too I'd say warframe is a giant MMO before it's a lootershooter, and MMO are famous for having a crap load of stuff to do......check ✅
  6. the game survived just fine for 7 years, a week wouldn't hurt it
  7. A week, and you might as well delete that ticket since they won’t do anything for you
  8. It's vaulted so you can't get it now, only through trading. You can just try your luck again with egtting a taxi to a mission that drops nano spores. you can also go to the derelict through the derelict keys in the market, nano spores drop there too and iirc you should have access to it
  9. a quick search would answer your question....but yes, it is the max
  10. they already stated that one of the buffs will give you dmg reduction....if you've actually read/listened to what they said you'll know
  11. Because it doesn’t have to?
  12. you might wanna reconsider this....then again you're not expert it won't
  13. 1- Warframe mastery isn’t the same as your overall mastery rank (MR) 2- just level up some gear to raise your MR and access whatever it is you want 3- even if you wanna keep progressing, I’d guess that you won’t even handle the enemies going through, so you might as well grind a bit 4- limitations and restrictions are there for a reason. Case in point, someone with an unranked Warframe trying to go to a relatively difficult area
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