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  1. everyone remember this? https://imgur.com/gallery/dv1ghle what would be a more perfect way to debut this than the infested season of nightwave? possibly as a drop from the infested 'wolf' the color scheme of the armor shown in devstream 127 is sorta different to the sword though, the armor is more 'cold' colored with faded blue and purple, and light blue tentacle bits while the sword has more 'hot' colors what do you guys think? it looks more of a 2-handed nikana so it's a good way to release the 2nd one through nightwave imo
  2. I like shattered throw. for mass vitrify, I have the same idea as your 2nd suggestion for it, but the shards left by killed vitrified enemies will instead refresh your splinter storm by X seconds, that way you don't have to keep casting your 4 to refresh it. it can even up it's damage to give it the same effect as recasting your 4 and it'll make sense since you're adding splinters/shards
  3. They are easy to farm, mostly depending on your luck, but why would you lower the price because if that? You should do the exact opposite. This is still a free game that needs to make money. Farm the frames you want, if you’re unlucky just buy them, if you’re broke then back to farming, simple as that
  4. Most of your issues should be addressed in S2. There’s less challenges to do while getting similar standing and there will be a catch up system to let you get standing you missed in old weeks
  5. They should just reconsider what should and shouldn’t be an augment. Some augments are just added effects that aren’t worth the slot, the effect is just too weak or situational examples: despoil: good. Changes the mechanic of the og ability a bit lasting covenant (harrow 4th): good. Also changes the og ability, sacrificing 1 good part of it for more time on the other good part (crits) revenant 3rd: bad. A blind on an escape/heal? While his 2 does a similar job?
  6. Are you using your simaris traps before trying to kill the emotions? What weapons are you using? Can you show us your build? To upload picture go to imgur.com
  7. 1- they can bring up these issues without stating that they're leaving, at least not in the title, because it directs the focus towards you leaving and not the issue and making it sound that the issue is SO big that even YOU left, and you leaving is a big deal which it isn't 2- this issue has been brought up, talked about and acknowledged by DE themselves. they know, so there's no further need to bring it up, at least not in an 'I quit' post
  8. Last time I played they still do. They don’t work when you k drive though for some reason
  9. not really, no. most frames still die from 1 shot even with the mod on
  10. just hover your cursor at the enemies. it's basically just flailing your controller like a madman at the enemies then pressing 4 again to activate. kinda a dumb ability to activate but...yeah
  11. It was the night before Christmas, i had about 50 continuity mods I don’t use which I got from breaking containers in the void. I felt the holiday spirit and thought I’d give them away for free! But in WF market there’s no option for ‘free’ so I just put the price as 1 plat. There was a lot if demand, but one guy stood out: When I told him it’s free, merry Christmas and all that, I was instantly a scammer to him. Kept saying that it’s just a gift and no need to pay anything, trying to make him believe but he wouldn’t budge. Said that he’d report me if I don’t stop talking to him....
  12. It’s almost like she deserves some lore.....almost....
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