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  1. oop, let me correct myself: AW Rush is about skills, mods and gear don't matter that much
  2. It's not an equipment check, it's a skill check. Skills were you know when to fly in normal speed, when to 'sprint' and use boosters, when and how to take corners and destroy the freeze mines or take routes to dodge them The standard gear you get is actually the best for this, just load up your gun with as much dmg mods as possible to take out the mines easily. For the actual course, the mission is called 'rush' but rushing is the worse thing you can do. Flying in normal speed is the best thing you can do, this will ensure that you don't take bumps and miss corners and that you shoot out the freeze mines There will be long stretches that you need to boost in, for those you just need to hit the boost key once and hold it for a little while, a couple of secs. The boost has a momentum to it so you don't need to keep holding it There's also a way that you don't get knocked back when you hit walls and it'll ensure somewhat safer cornering, and that is to zoom in with your gun, it makes you not get knocked back and also makes you flying a bit slower and more precise just enough for you to pass through a narrow path Do these and you should be good. I always have 60-30sec on the clock still when doing this while destroying all 3. Again, AW Rush mission is all about skill
  3. Your money and effort is in no way shape or form an excuse to stop balancing the game, especially when they specifically said these changes are gonna be made. Stop blaming others for your apparent mistakes And ffs remove your financial info
  4. Good riddance I guess? If you don't even wanna play it yet and just read out what you want to read, not getting the full scope of a mechanic and understanding it then that's not because of the game, it's on you People leave all the time, you doing so isn't gonna change anything
  5. I mean....literally if you tried it then you'll get your answer. I'd say complaining when you haven't even played it yet is equally as bad To your recent post: Why add anything to the game at all then? At this point you're finding faults just because and complaining for the sake of it
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