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  1. GinKenshin

    Arch weapons as ground weapons..

    worse, usage gear. just like the AW launcher for the last year or so
  2. GinKenshin

    randoms sending links to scam website

    take a screenshot and send it to support
  3. GinKenshin

    you guys think Nyx rework Absorb can be great?

    It’s still gonna be an ‘oh sh*t’ ability nonetheless, it’s very hard to actually use it like it’s intended. It’s kinda disappointing they only came up with what they did for it but I don’t think they could’ve done anything to improve it, it’s a good concept but rarely if ever works, more to boost her theme than anything else
  4. GinKenshin

    How do YOU spend your standing?

    I just wait until I reach max rank. I buy the essentials, like the mining BPs that you need for crafting and that's pretty much it. the rest is just accessories....oh an get the fishing spear, you don't even need baits. well, the latter baits that is fortuna is actually very fun and easy to get standing for, DE really didn't get enough praise for how they improved the economy this time........maybe that's because they didn't change a thing about cetus' economy >___>
  5. I have no idea what you're talking about...... @Legion-Shieldsdo you have an idea on what he's talking about?
  6. we don't need to combine all the 'special weapon' ideas into all the frames. let stuff be even a little unique for lotus' sake
  7. your sense of humor is depressing tbh
  8. GinKenshin

    If you force PVP Stalker onto us:

    It’s just a damn revive, let the guy kill you and move on. Plus you’d be in a party so it’s gonna be 2-4 on 1....stop complaining like this is PvP, it’s just a basic b*tch stalker, he’s still pretty useless and easily killsble
  9. GinKenshin

    Stalker Mode: Calm down it isn't coming

    it's all about how they implement it. the mode is working inhouse and there's no reason why they shouldn't add it, they just need to give it good grounds to grow....they even asked for advice on how to implement it and the dos and don'ts it is coming, just not anytime soon
  10. GinKenshin

    Redo old prime skins

    it's not just this, but people paid money of them, I don't think they can just change how they look without some legal stuff opening up, correct me if I'm wrong (as in the fallout bag issue) although they need it, doubt it'll happen
  11. GinKenshin

    Wukong deluxe Hmmmmmmm
  12. bit sad they got rid of the 'blind gunslinger' feel of her, and the helmet looks too similar to limbo p's....still pretty badass though
  13. GinKenshin

    if stalker mode cannot be opt out.

    It’s not like it’s a big deal to fight him, just let him kill you and you can move on with the mission, it’s just one revive
  14. GinKenshin

    Fortuna: Hotfix

    He’s using outside resources to post first, and he’s just crying for attention and upvotes, nvm him
  15. GinKenshin

    Is Nidus EVER going to get any new cosmetics?

    1- he has an alt helmcoming soon 2- there’s no reason he should get anything before anyone else. He’s just another frame, popularity shouldn’t be a factor