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  1. You do know that animation is a shell of its former self and a downgrade to what the old animation was, right? I’d rather they bring part the old one Back on topic, WoF just doesn’t work, it should be removed and something new needs to be brought up
  2. GinKenshin

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    By now, I thought you guys would know what type of frame DE is going with recently, like rev, gara, khora.....all good, but not that good and pretty well balanced, basically OK frames. It seems that’s all that we’re getting so might as well get used to it, the days of getting Mesa, equinox....etc are gone
  3. GinKenshin

    Kubros and kavats (THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN)

    If you actually look at the patch notes and follow the devstreams you’ll know that they’re pushing this in batches, and not all at once, best example is the latest mainline which brought great QoL to pets Still, we need better AI, optimization, stats revisit and skills rework
  4. GinKenshin

    Change Augments into Arcanes

    I’d rather sacrifice a mod slot than going through the pain in the ass farm of aracanes, so no, this is a terrible idea for a terrible reason
  5. Having the same issue. What kinda helped me is lowering the new ‘intensity’ setting. After the update it’s preset to 100, during that my FR was terrible, when I set it to 0 everything sorta went back to normal. I still get low FR but that’s prob from my craptop and vpn use
  6. GinKenshin

    Logic behind Umbra

    Because he was faulty, the fault being that he keeps remembering himself killing his son. Plus, he was only created as a Warframe for torture, and not for battle The sentient thing could be just a gameplay mechanic though, since it’s not really mentioned anyway that an umbra is better at killing sentinets
  7. GinKenshin

    [SPOILERS] Chimera Prologue

    yeah, continuity. but iirc from the cephalon fragments, ordis killed one of them and they got back up? so their bodies are immortal in a way
  8. GinKenshin

    Prevent host migration bug

    it costs a lot so they won't do it
  9. GinKenshin

    [SPOILERS] Chimera Prologue

    aren't they suppose to be immortal though? or is being struck by tenno/warframes bypass that it someway?
  10. GinKenshin

    Winds of purity need rework

    wtf, no....why should it? you're the one who has the mod, you get the benefits
  11. GinKenshin

    Nakak wont talk to me for the revenant quest

    she must've seen your browser history XD
  12. Dude, your whole argument is about what you think is the better reward, that won’t get you anywhere Also, why would DE give you a vaulted relic? Which can potentially drop the market value for items in the relic? Endo is considered the ‘trash’ rewards that everyone can use at some point, that’s why you see an abundance of it being rewarded, in sorties, ESO, elite alerts...etc This will never happen, no matter how many argument you present
  13. GinKenshin

    Can no longer see which dragon keys people have equipped

    Since you can equip all of them yourself not, I guess there’s no need for it and they can’t show more than one, so they scrapped it
  14. GinKenshin

    Warframe star chart completed bug?

    It’s derelict missions, craft every key and check which 2 are missing and in blue
  15. GinKenshin

    Archwing Melee in regular missions so soon?

    It’s a visual bug, even if it is a thing, I doubt it’ll be so soon, and it’s pointless to make the code for this now since they’re busy anyway