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  1. GinKenshin

    Onslaught is just a meta-killing machine.

    funny how a new 'game' mode doesn't require you to actually play the game right?
  2. GinKenshin

    Problem unlocking melee riven

  3. GinKenshin

    Problem unlocking melee riven

  4. GinKenshin

    Best well rounded dmg type?

  5. GinKenshin

    Problem unlocking melee riven

    excellent feedback! 👌
  6. GinKenshin

    What Is Khora Supposed To Be...?

    - that's just a really bad example isn't it? limbo has the theme of the rift and 'dimensional' frame, though when he first came out his abilities basically did the same thing which is banishing stuff to the here's a frame that had a good theme but crappy abilities chroma has 2 themes, dragon and elementalist and it shows well through his abilities, so he's an example of multiple themes with a 'good' ability set for your ridiculous example, why is it an issue exactly? is it because limbo already does it? again, the issue is creativity, if you can't see it that's your issue...all of the themes you stated for her are true and there's nothing wrong with that. - and the issue is? almost all frames have relatively the same abilities. a 1st that does dmg/cc, a 2nd that buffs/cc, a 3rd and 4th that does dmg/buff/cc. 'all over the place' is a crappy criticism and isn't even a bad thing, or do you want all frames to be divided into classes of dmg, cc and support? - there's no issue with doing the same thing either, because that's just 1 ability out of 4, and you're not even counting the frame's looks. you don't have to always use 'the best' choice, that's where the game gets boring. no 2 frames are the same, period. - well, there is an excuse, because the players would go bananas if they don't get the frame they were shown a couple of times. I don't agree with the decision but I don't blame them either and I hope you're not saying rushed because you 'think' she has similar abilities with other frames... you need to face the fact that creativity will eventually drop as the years go on, and it's very hard to make something entirely unique and without similarities, that's just how evolution works
  7. GinKenshin

    What Is Khora Supposed To Be...?

    and you need a theme because?.... a theme doesn't mean good abilities, and multiple themes doesn't mean bad abilities. it's about how creative they can get with the frame and it's abilities. and why does a healing kavat is an issue considering this is warframe and you can do all these crazy stuff already? giving your opinion on abilities is one thing, blaming it on an unrelated thing is another and what's so freaking bad about having frames that do the same thing? you can't play the game with a handful of frames, plus diversity is a thing also, just keep in mind she was redone to this state, she was a lot different before her 'rework' since they couldn't be bothered to do the new dmg types because it was too hard and the usual 'focusing on the next big thing'
  8. GinKenshin

    next prime

    just wait for tennocon or before that even
  9. GinKenshin

    Fun, Grind and the Future of Warframe

    is there a future? yes, of course is it a good one? I wouldn't count on that imo, the greatest threat facing DE is their pride and focusing on "the next big thing" (whether you call it 'for the love of the game' that's just different opinions). they always have to beat their old update by making bigger and flashier new ones. I think the only reason they're working on venus (and they have been for a while, I think even before poe shipped) is that to show everyone that poe wasn't a fluke and they can do it again but bigger and better same thing goes with the sacrifice. I know it's gonna be good but was it worth it? is venus worth it? all the investment and resources much will that benefit the game and us tenno? from that comes the need to 'push' the players to spend money on the game and increasing the grind. if you noticed, the grind at first wasn't that bad, there was only the old void which was sufficient as grind, but as the game evolves it gets worst, best example is how the accusation of frames have been different over the years, from getting the full frame after a quest, to farming the parts of a frame on grindy modes to the current way of getting all the parts from a grindy mode and ditching the quest all-together for the sake of the bigger things Steve said it himeself, look into in the latest stream at the closing moments, in short: a large part at DE is working on venus, another large part is on the sacrifice and what's little left is on adding more stuff to the game before these 2 come out....that's some bad prioritization right there.....
  10. GinKenshin

    a major nerf to damage from the old days you have a dragon key on or are running the appropriate elemental combo?
  11. GinKenshin

    Raids after upcoming major update?

    Actually, just to clarify, trials were removed because of the maintenance costs too much resources and time to do, low player engagement was a secondary reason DE is not bothered by ‘dead’ game modes, they do have an issue with dead game modes that they have to spend resources on
  12. GinKenshin

    Is disposition 1 and 2 really necessary?

    Personally with low dis weps I tend to go for supplemental stats, like recoil, reload...etc. ofc every stat increases dps in some way but if the bonuses are low, I’d rather have the wep be a little more easy to use and enjoyable and I don’t think the ‘best’ stats will help with that in the case of low dis weps also their nice on shotguns so you can reach 100% status without an unwanted element
  13. GinKenshin


    So you gave him the riven for little plat and he told you he’s give you soma p set which he doesn’t have? That’s on you dude
  14. glad I'm not the only one that noticed xd
  15. GinKenshin

    Seem to be loving Assassination Sorties recently, DE?

    1- it's RNG 2- it's obvious you had a bad experience, the reason for that is your equipment. these bosses aren't as hard as you make them to be. if you're new then you really shouldn't be fighting them, sorties aren't for newbies step up your equipment game, only then you should try to fight these bosses and see how not-hard they are. because all of these issues can be addressed and solved if you chose the right frame/weapon