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  1. GinKenshin

    Make Tanks Useful

    I can see an augment for roar and warcry that taunts enemies to attack you, but I don't think it'll be that useful tbh. in Warframe there's rarely any need for a tank in most groups people just run off on their on, thus it's pointless to protect someone. and in premade groups, it's usually just camping, and deaths and the need to tank is not needed if you're sitting in one place killing everything still, the good ol' fashioned 'why not' to your suggestion
  2. GinKenshin

    Shotgun Riven mod

    1-Tigris 2- as much flight speed mods as you can get 3- aim for the head 4- ??? 5- profit
  3. GinKenshin

    Got oxium in onslaught

    probably from opening a locker somewhere, either by you or a teammate
  4. GinKenshin

    Toxic Players In Warframe

    remove the name, it's against the rules
  5. GinKenshin

    More style loadouts for operator (Like warframes A,B,C)

    they'll do it for the outfits, but not the facial cosmetics and hair, which makes sense
  6. GinKenshin

    "vaulted" Relics

    because it's not allowed 😉
  7. GinKenshin

    Remove riven Capacity

    a- no 'we' don't, maybe you do, but who cares? even so, you don't b- what's the reasoning here? c- then don't? trade it or sell it as a trash riven for people who do want it seriously, try to troll better, or come up with better excuses for something that isn't going to happen
  8. GinKenshin

    The Phantasma

    having several shotguns that aren't 'shotguns' (in your opinion) like the phage and conventrix (whatever the spelling)....why did you assume it's gonna be your type of shotgun? a shotgun doesn't have to be the usual type of shotgun, which is proven by the weapons I mentioned earlier there's nothing wrong with the new weapon, this is just your opinion and your fault for assuming what a weapon does. and again, this is a game. if every shotgun is gonna be the usual close range with a lotta pallets like most of what we have now, it's gonna get boring and old really fast, there's nothing wrong in variety
  9. GinKenshin

    Could we maybe change harrow a wee bit?

    " a wee bit?" then proceeds to suggest a major overhaul of his abilities included removal, addition and combining abilities " a weeeeeeeeeee bti?"
  10. GinKenshin

    I feel like my range weapons do no damage, is it just my mods?

    can you sure your mod build for your weapons?
  11. Inb4 preorder in Warframe xD Though I don’t get why they won’t wait and ship them together? 🤔
  12. GinKenshin

    New amp T4 (Trash 4?)

    damn......I look sexy as hell hmm, I guess stalking stats is a thing now, and I love the NEXT bit, that made me giggle XD anyway, back on topic. this new amp isn't necessarily made to fight eidolons. you have an auto 'rifle' and a glaive-y secondary which can target grouped up enemies...thus it's safe to say that it's for the common enemies you face and perhaps new sentients we'll face lacking having experience in hunting doesn't mean I can't give my opinion on what a new weapon should be used on. you're just focusing on eidolons without paying attention to the bigger picture. I'm just giving my opinion on what the new amp should be used on, not if it's useful or not the hunting community is a harsh one though : p
  13. GinKenshin

    [Suggestion] Garuda, the Kali of Warframe?

    I think garuda is the name based on her appearance theme, not her ability theme. even so, her theme, which is gore, is already in place and it's probably too late to change, plus they never mentioned that she was based on anything, so idk where you get your idea from tbh
  14. GinKenshin

    suspicious transactions found

    is this a long time friend? do you trust him/her? do you know how he/she come up with the plat? this is rather suspicious and it's very likely the plat was from an illegal site..etc and not from DE
  15. GinKenshin

    So ah... why should we play Frame Fighter?

    You say it’s ‘not for fun’ but who are you to say people shouldn’t play Warframe for fun? Playing games is always for fun, everything you mentioned about experiencing the world, lore...etc contributed to you having fun with the game So, even if you don’t think it’s for fun, that’s just your opinion. It’s a mini game made for people who enjoy that kinda game to have fun while still playing Warframe