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[Warframe Concept] Aide, Aspect Of Wind


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Hey everyone. It has been some time since I made my first frame proposal. Since then, I've been trying to learn from the experience and take another shot at a different style of frame. This time around, I'm going to put the focus on a fun little element: Wind. Wind is more than just the breeze. It is a primal force, tender as the stroke of a lover’s hand and yet fierce enough to reduce great monoliths to dust or topple signs of a mighty empire. It is the force that gave life to the early adventurers and the means by which many of them lost their lives. I want this idea to encompass these traits fully while also fitting with the natural theme of Warframe.

For this frame concept, I'm pulling some similarities from other frames, particularly those classified as "Casters" by DE.



Name: Aide

Origin: Aide is the Basque Numenistic Goddess of the air, who could manifest herself as a gentle wind or a fierce storm.

Gender: Female



Frame Stats

Health: 75 (225)

Shield: 125 (375)

Energy: 150 (225)


Armor: 50

Speed: 1.2



Reasoning: Keeping in the concept of the wind, the wind is both a physically strong force and a highly vulnerable one. It is tempered by earth and structure alike, bending to its whim, but with all its collective force, it is highly capable of utterly devastating effects. Shields are the special life-force of all frames, but they are quickly depleted. Under the shields, the soft frame remains, vulnerable to the forces of nature. To keep with the rallying power of wind, the high energy pool felt necessary.


Although wind is tempered by earth and structure alike, it is still capable of cutting through them over time. This felt like appropriate use of 'moderate' armor and high rate of speed, though still not as fast as Loki.




= x4

- x2

Aura Polarity: -


Reasoning: I question the fairness of a frame having all the same slot for their natural polarities and their aura, but Trinity sets a very interesting standard for this being pretty viable. Although some could argue that D Polarities are inferior to - Polarities, Aide is meant to be a highly flexible ‘caster’, capable of filling a support role or a damage dealer, depending on the aggressiveness of the player themself.






Ability 1: Windslicer

Effect: Aide compresses the air around her to form a semi-physical blade before launching it at her adversaries with lethal force.


Cost to set: 2/3/4/5

Energy Cost: 25


Damage Type: Serrated Blade

Damage: 150/150/250/400

Blade Length: 3/3/5/7 meters


·         Windslicer is non-hitscan

·         Windslicer travels at a rate of 100 m/s

·         Windslicer has an innate puncture of .3, making it a potent ability for large groups in tight spaces.

·         Windslicer is affected by Stretch (Increases blade length) and Focus


Ability 2: Updraft

Effect: Aide conjures forth a massive surge of wind, throwing all those before her into the air and any surfaces along the way.


Cost to set: 4/5/6/7

Energy Cost: 50


Damage type: Physics Impact

Damage: 100/150/225/350

Range: 8/12/16/20 Meters


·         When an enemy impacts a surface, they take additional damage. This damage improves based on the armor of the target. Enemies can take damage multiple times (Hitting a ceiling and then the floor). Damage can be calculated by the following equation:

o        (Updraft x .35) + (Enemy Armor x 1.15)


Ability 3: Storm Cloak

Effect: Aide wraps her body in flowing, intense winds capable of redirecting incoming bullets back at enemies while allowing her to move at enhanced speed.


Cost to set: 6/7/8/9

Energy Cost: 75


Duration: 10/10/15/20 seconds

Chance to redirect incoming bullets: 50%/50%/55%/60%

Movement and Attack Speed Increase: 10%/15%/20%/25%


·         Storm Cloak is affected by Continuity, Constitution, and Focus

·         To determine the cap for redirection and speed increases, use the following formula:

o        0.(Storm Cloak) x 1.(Focus) x 100. I.E: A rank 3 Storm Cloak with 60% Redirection and a rank 5 Focus at 30% Power Strength: 0.6 x 1.3 = .78 x 100 = 78%. It would provide a speed increase of .25 x 1.3 = .325 x 100 = 32.5%

·         This ability does not grant protection to stagger, stun, knockdown, or disruption.

·         This ability does not grant a redirection chance to melee attacks

·         This ability cannot be recast while active.


Ability 4: Galeburst

Effect: Aide compresses a sphere of air around a target, crushing them before violently exploding outward enhanced by its surrounding elements.


Cost to set: 10/11/12/13

Energy Cost: 100


Damage type: Physics Impact

Damage: 150/200/250/300 damage a second for 3 seconds to a single target. After the duration, the sphere detonates, dealing 300/450/600/750 damage.

Blast Range: 10/10/12/15 meters


·         Aide is invincible for the duration

·         For every present element at the time of detonation, Galeburst deals +30% damage of that element. This only occurs if the element is present within the blast range at the time of detonation.

o        For example, if an Ember is present and uses Fire Blast in the area where the initial target is, a rank 3 Galeburst deals an additional 225 Fire Damage. A Frost’s Snow Globe would result in an additional 225 Freeze damage. A Volt’s Overload would result in an additional 225 Electrical damage.

o        The additional damage can also trigger from the “Self Destruct” and “Frozen” map templates.

o        More than one instance of additional damage may trigger, but no more than once per elemental type.

o        The following skills can proc the additional damage effect

§         Fireball

§         Fire Blast

§         World on Fire

§         Ice Wave

§         Snow Globe

§         Shock

§         Overload

·         Galeburst is enhanced by Focus, but not by Constitution, Continuity, or Stretch.



I apologize for the rough state of this concept. I am open to any and all suggestions. I know some of the abilities seem kind of crazy, but with all the talk of Frame Synergy, it'd be nice to actually benefit from it or have ways to really utilize it outside of Bullet Attractor - Radial Javelin. I wanted this frame to have the ability to blend well with other frames, using a lot of the same but in new and unexpected ways. Any feedback you all give me will mean a lot to me in terms of making this not just a fun frame in concept, but because I really like to finish these sorts of things, even if we're the only ones who ever see it.

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Got to say, I love this concept.

I was also pondering over the possible introduction of a frame revolving around the concept of wind, or water, for that matter.

For a first skill, guess what, I came up with the exact same concept skill. I gave that skill the name "Kamaitachi (鎌鼬)" It is a Japanese name referring to the yokais.


I am half Japanese, so I am a bit biased towards Abilities with Japanese names because they sound cool xD

Second Ability sounds like Massive CC. Looking at the current Mag's Pull, this skill is pretty similar.

Third Ability seems like a self damage reduction skill which also renders a movement buff, it renders Overheat somewhat obsolete and Speed as unnecessary, in my opinion.

The best is of course, the fourth ability. Having an uber capable of synergy with skills of other Warframes is an epic concept.

Take my +1!

Edit: Sorry for the frequent edits, I am trying to get my post done up, as I am having trouble using an Iphone to forum T_T

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Got to say, I love this concept.

I was also pondering over the possible introduction of a frame revolving around the concept of wind, or water, for that matter.

For a first skill, guess what, I came up with the exact same concept skill. I gave that skill the name "Kamaitachi (鎌鼬)" It is a Japanese name referring to the yokais.



Truthfully, I do similar things (Things sound more honorable in Japanese), but this time around, I wanted to keep to the wind elemental theme when it cames to naming. It doesn't make them sound epic by any means, but I figured it would be more appealing to a western audience. I am kind of glad that people were thinking along the same lines as me, though. I haven't really looked at a lot of the wind elemental Frames.


Second Ability sounds like Massive CC. Looking at the current Mag's Pull, this skill is pretty similar.


Very astute guess. Yes, Pull was a major inspiration for this skill. I considered other options, like a knock back and disarm, but this felt more balanced and original. It also gave me an excuse to play with the question of "Do enemies get hurt when they slam into objects?". Currently, the game says no, but it would be fun to consider. Besides, the idea of sending enemies flying high into the sky is a very amusing thought.



Third Ability seems like a self damage reduction skill which also renders a movement buff, it renders Overheat somewhat obsolete and Speed as unnecessary, in my opinion.


Damage reduction isn't really a fair term. It wasn't intended to replace overheat, but be a twist on it. Rather than just reducing all incoming damage, this ability actually makes attackers attack themselves (Think like a Thorns effect, if you're familiar with WoW terms). The difference between Thorns and this skill is that Thorns doesn't really stop the incoming damage. If I gave it redirection chance and damage reduction, I felt it would be far too powerful, so I opted for a speed increase as well. You can think of it as becoming the eye of a tornado. The winds around you are raging fiercely, but at your core, you are calm. You are collected. And you are free. Lower air pressure means less resistance and higher speed.


And lastly, Galeburst... I had a lot of fun conceptualizing how it would work. As I said in the original post, the biggest issue this game has is that the synergy is either extremely limited or almost not present. Yes, certain skills can be used together to cause devastating effects, but by comparison to Bullet Attractor - Radial Javelin (The single most powerful skill combo in the entire game by a massively large margin), they all suck. They don't benefit each other in the slightest. I wanted to give someone the innate effect of helping them -find- synergy with other frames. Keeping it to the elementally aligned abilities was more for tempering than for flare. I considered adding Sound Quake and a few others to the roster as well, but I had a hard time arguing them as "Armor Piercing" damage, so I just dropped it as a possibility.

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I genuinely like this concept.  While physically weaker than even Mag, her abilities allow for some new battlefield manipulation and controls.  I could see some amusing chain combos of Pull/Updraft with Mag and Aide.


One thing I'd been wondering about with the Storm Cloak is whether it was a personal effect, or a radius centered on?  If it was a sphere, it's usefulness would be increased, since you could use it to help guard allies, or at least nab and return fire intended for them.  Another question that one begets is whether or not the shots being mailed back out would be countered by something like Sargus Ruk's Bullet Attractor?  Would this combine with that to basically result in you being caught in an infinite damage loop until one of them ends?


Full Disclosure: I did provide some input on this before the idea was pitched.

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Good to see you, Tet!


Storm Cloak is intended to a personal effect, similar in theme to Overheat or Iron Skin. Yes, making it a stationary sphere would be useful, but it would feel too much like Snow Globe if I did that, only less effective in a sense because shots still get through. Due to her limited Shield and Health pools, this was meant to be an offset of the damage she takes.


Its important to note, however, that when attacks get through, they are not weakened. Moreover, it does not override the affect of Bullet Attractor, since that is actually a mobile field stationed around you. You're basically in a big bubble of killing yourself with bullets that fly nearby. No matter how strong the winds are, they're getting through.


If you're curious as to why I think it should not be superior to bullet attractor... well, it boils down to numbers. Bullets are Hit-scan. They are either there or they are not. If Storm Cloak did deflect them, they'd still be within the field and come back at you, so you're just delaying an absolute by no time at all. The game would treat it as if Storm Cloak wasn't even there.

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