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Rescuing the hostages two bugs


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First bug: can't reload weapon, happens whenever I'm on the stage of rescuing the hostages and approach the objective, you need to switch weapons to fix it  and/or if you only have 1 equipped switching to K-drive works too, if you have neither you're stuck.

Second bug: When you have to discover the 4 bodies of the agents, if you're playing solo 3 bodies get highlighted the 4th one doesn't ( in a team the 4 are always highlighted ) this constantly leads to bounty failure as it's a major pain finding the last body without a marker in the snow.

seems like the mission is a bit bugged for the host, the agents are highlighted fully for everyone but the host, and the host can't enter the cell where the hostages are. The lasers are always up, for the rest of the team always down.

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