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Changing An Already Polarized Wep/warf With No Forma


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After this update, they will totally change the system. That will make all our bilds to be remade, so if you have a total polarized weapon or warframe, it will tourn out that you wasted money for nothing.



I've been thinking to make the polarized object able to change its polarization without using another forma.

For example if you polarized a warframe, you could be able to change it's forma polarization for a prize of 100~200k.


If you polarized more than once, you would be able to change every one for the price said.


This will solve any problem that the new system can create.


P.S english ~~ 

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This idea is so insane it could kill us all.


I actually think the devs try to change stuff so that any chosen polarities won't be matter to insult. However, if that is not the case, I would be really glad to not be forced to forma everything all over again. I have about 20 formas spent on my main weapons, go imagine.

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I have about 30 formas spent on my main weapons, go imagine.


Main reason why I want a way to change a polarity with ingame resources (not forma). If they screwd the system, they should make it easy to get everything back.


At u7 they gave holly fusion cores lvl 10 so something good for us would be great. At this update wi will be really screwd if we have to forma everything again.

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wait what.. what are u talking about ? we wasted all our formas with new update changes ?


They will fix the way the mods work and everything, I have no real information.


I've thought that if they do a huge change, our formas will have been a waste so a way to correct them would be great. 

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There is one (big) problem with this thread:


...I have no real information.


I have no idea what you're talking about beyond what you almost said in your OP. Please link to some info or something otherwise this is sounding like a troll thread.

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