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Christmas decorations not showing up for others on my ship.


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Hi, so basically.. I'm having this rather "Odd" little bug where when I had purchased the Christmas Decorations for my ship for one credit, I could see it just perfectly fine after I had purchased it.

However, when I had invited a couple of my friends over to my ship at differing times.. they were both not able to see any of the Christmas decor on my ship.. but were able to see my normal non-X-mas ship decorations just fine.

I had tried selling and re-buying them, telling my one friend to leave and rejoin and even leaving the game and re-inviting him back to my orbiter.. and both he; and my other friend were still not able to see my seasonal ship decorations. but I was able to see his Christmas decor just fine on his ship.

I have also attempted to both re-install, and verify/optimize cache and retried it but my friends still could not see it.

Does anyone have any explanations for why it might be bugged out on my end? if anyone has a solution, please let me know.. thanks in advance. 😊

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Because I'd like for others to see the decorations that I put up, instead of only me being able to do so.


Also if it helps, my game's graphics seem to have been downgraded significantly, and looks a lot more washed out and displays too much contrast compared to the previous update of the game.


I'm not too sure if personal graphics issues could actually cause it to go bad, but if that's so.. I'd like to know if there's any way I can fix my game so that it looks like it used to.. AND so that others can actually see my X-mas decorations at will. (Do note that I've installed the latest graphics driver, manually uninstalled and reinstalled the game; yet the issue still persists.)


Cheers. 😶

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