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[Clan Recruiting] Planetary Alliance


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"To achieve peace, one must first live without it."


Dear Teno,


It is my pleasure to announce my new clan, there are no requirements to enter. Non atall. In this post I will run through with you the basics of the clan, how to be ranked up, and other... things.


Ranking Up


As far as ranking up goes, we are a very primitive clan. The main way to be ranked up is to contribute to construction. Every forma you add ranks you up by 1. Every 25% you add increases your rank by one. If you speed a construction up by 50% or more, you will be ranked up. Please inform me, or someone who may assign ranks, once you have done any of these. They will check.




We aim to hold events every week, possibly more, at around 6:00pm GMT+1 normally on Fridays or Saturdays. This may be an endless defence, PVP, (Hidden levels :D) or possibly different.




This post will be moved to the shadow clan board if it becomes one.

If you have any other questions please ask them in the comments.



Update Log





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