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Garuda Augment Ideas


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Secondary Heart

Dread Mirror augment: While a dread heart is is active, dying will consume the dread heart to restore Garuda to full health, preventing death. Throwing the dread heart can revive allies within range of the explosion. Being revived* by the dread heart grants bonus health equal to 1% per 100 damaged absorbed (capped at +500% bonus health). Bonus health does not regenerate, decay, or time out (meaning that it stays until it is used). This effect can be triggered once for each ally every 30 seconds.

* Can affect Garuda via death prevention despite what the wording might imply.


Sacrificial Altar

Blood Altar augment: enemies killed that are within the alter's healing range will grant Garuda and allies with affinity range 100 extra armor (affected by power strength). Being within range of the altar when an enemy is killed will grant x2 armor it normally would. Armor decays at a rate of 1% per second per 100 extra armor. Altar limit is reduced to one.


Blood Gate

Bloodletting augment: casting Bloodletting will cause 100 slash damage (affected by power strength) to enemies with 6m (affected by power range) and grant an additional 5% energy per enemy hit (affected by power strength). Extra energy increases Death's Gate by the corresponding percentage (ie. gaining 10% extra energy will increase Death's Gate by 10% up to a cap of +300% extra damage) for 10 seconds (affected by power duration).


Detonating Talons

Seeking Talons augment: marked enemies explode when killed dealing 200 blast damage (affected by power strength) within 8m (affected by power range) and marking enemies hit for 10 seconds and extending mark duration on enemies already marked by 10 seconds.

Change name of Bloodletting augment from Bloodlust to Blood Gate to better fit Garuda's theme, added damage types where appropriate, and explained how extra health from Secondary Heart is lost.
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