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[PC][Ghost][Asia/OCE] The Profit Crusade looking for new blood.


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Resource management and speed runs are our focus. Your relics, your time, make sure it count.

Entry requirement: MR 8+
Locality: GMT+6 to GMT+10
Research: Full except the [Hema] and various colors

Discord mandatory. https://discord.gg/tgT5Xe6

We organize relic runs. Random lith rads (from eso), 20 upcoming vault relic rad, vaulted relic rad stagger with similar value (based on value estimation) runs etc.
#general-contracts in discord availble to clan/ non-clan alike. Take a look.

We'll also be hosting cetus T5 bounty runs + staggers after Mesa release.

Guides availble to make the most out of your time.




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