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Work Around If you Haven't Received Platinum!


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For those that have purchased Platinum through the eShop and haven't received it, try this work around. Visit the in Game Market, go to "Get Platinum" open the eShop and go as far as the screen with all the Platinum Bundles, then exit the eShop back to your game, which you should then close, after restarting the game, your platinum should now be in your account! (This just worked for me, so hopefully it will help other people, as I've been waiting since Thursday)

I've included images in the Spoiler Tag to help with the process, the final screenshot is as far as I went before closing everything down and restarting the game.





19 hours ago, (NSW)Master_Betty said:

I don't know whether my experience is of any help in ironing things out for the switch customers but when I bought the Mag & Nova Prime Combo it did not register for my game until I went to the store from the ingame market after I bought it from the e-shop going through the home screen. I was lucky since in this case one can only buy it once and it registered as "bought". Platinum might have the same problem, just not the same available solution.

The reason I even tried this in the first place.

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