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The parts of a custom Moa don't give different stats


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I have built 3 moas, each with parts that would give them vastly different stats, yet all of them have the same stats, Gilded, and otherwise not Gilded.
The parts in question that shouldn't have the same stats added together, yet do, are;

Drex Core and Harpen Gyro, 
Krisys Core and Aegron Gyro,
Alcrom Core and Atheca Gyro
All 3 have 125 armour, 110 health, and 125 shield.

I can guess all other parts are effected as well.

The bad news is, it appears that all part combinations currently give +12.5% shields , + 7% health, and + 12.5% armour.
Not only is this combination currently impossible with the given parts we can currently equip on the moas, but it is the best, even if it shouldn't be occuring.
If you fix this, you might end up nerfing the moas, so It is likely when you fix it, you boost the base moa's stats so the fix doesn't become a nerf.

Edit: You do not see these stats when you prepare to build the Moa, you only see these stats after the moa is in your inventory and arsenal.
Also, It is likely you might see the base stats from the builder when before you equip the moa, but when you do, or switch moas, the stats become the same for each one

The moment you change from one moa to the next, It combines stats from the moas, which is why they all will have similar stats once you have cycled through them.


Edited by 3-Ns
Being more specific with the conditions, as well as reasons why it might not look like the bug is there. Also the last edit confimed the moa switching
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