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Bug - No Focus Affinity when using Saryn


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I just started using Saryn Prime to blow through Elite Onslaughts, and I've got my entire load-out equipped with Zenurik lenses, I even spent the 40p for the one on Saryn herself, but I'm not receiving any focus at the end of the mission? And I don't mean I'm receiving very little, I mean I started a mission at 455 focus for Zenuruik, I did 8 rounds, several times, all weapons lensed, and I'm still at 455. I'm pretty sure that's a bug right? I can't even do regular missions without getting SOME focus, but I'm suddenly getting literally zero, what's up with that now?

Edit- Ah, you know what, never mind, I'm drunk af, and I forgot there's a focus cap. I'm just gonna turn this into a complaint that this game is already so damn grindy, I wish there wasn't a damn focus cap, also i don't know how to just delete this, and I'm too drunk to figure it out. GOOD DAY.

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Never mind
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