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Interactive chroma rework


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Till now all my rework ideas for chroma have been really only based on numbers and useful buffs, without taking much into consideration how interactive they are, this though is a really important point, because we don’t really want another octavia like frame.  

But before all of that, we first must know what chroma really is, what his theme in the game represents. Right now, chroma is supposed to be an enraged elemental dragon that brings good luck, thus the many auras he possesses and the ability to grow stronger when damaged, in game though his basically takes the place of a team / selfish buffer tank.  Now that we know what he is, we can proceed to my rework Idea. 

Base stats changes: Increase chromas (prime and normal version) base health to 125hp. 

Passive: Elemental Saturation (new) 

Ability Description: When taking sufficient dmg to health from one dmg types, chromas skin will start to saturated, giving him an elemental stack and energy regen for a small duration. 

Technical Description: When losing 60% of his base hp to one dmg type, chroma will gain one elemental stack, which can be consumed with abilities and an energy regen of 0.5 energy /s for a duration of 4s. Chroma can stack up to 24 elemental stacks. To add to that energy can only be regen when a stack can be stored. 

Note: After looking at various frames and what made them interactive, I figured out it was this stacking mechanic. For example, nidus, saryn, garuda, the upcoming baruuk and even nezha have some sort of micromanagement, be it raw dmg, health / survivability, or a mix of both. I figured why not implement something similar for chroma that suits his theme; thus the passive was borne that gives him stacks (which I will go further into greater detail for what they are for) and makes him stronger by means of energy regen.   

His one: Spectral Shift / Roar (new) 

Ability Description:  

  • When tabbed: Chroma cycles through his alignments, allowing him to change his chosen element on the fly.  

  • When hold: Chroma will let out a roar, which will proc his chosen element on enemies in front of him. If elemental stacks are available, one will be consumed, allowing for the debuffing of the enemy with a flat status chance increase on allied weapons when (something like how day equinox’s 2 works), which is specified by a special marking. 

Technical Description:  

  • When tabbed: Chroma will cycle trough his elements. 

  • When hold: Chroma will let a roar in a 90-degree angle and 15m range, dealing 200 damage, while procing his chosen element on the enemy. If there is an elemental stack available, it will be consumed, allowing for the debuffing of enemies with a +10% status chance increase after mods to allied weapons when damaged. The debuff will remain for 10s on the target, which will be signified by a special marking. Casting costs 25 energy. 

Note: This new ability will give use what we all wanted, cycling through elements on the run, while also giving some meaningful depuffing.  

His two: Elemental Ward (rework) 

Ability Description: Chroma covers himself and allies in an elemental coating, that grands buffs based on his elemental alignment. If enough stacks are available, chroma can stack his wards for maximum buffing. 

Technical Description:  

  • Range change: Elemental Wards range will now be based on affinity range instead of ability range.  

  • Casting change: Elemental Ward is now recastable, each cast / recast will cost 2 elemental stacks instead of energy. 

  • Stacking wards change: Wards can now be stacks so long sufficient elemental stacks are available. Which means instead of overwriting the current elemental ward, when recasted with a different alignment, both wards will remain active, though each with their own different counters. To refresh each counter, one most change to its respective elemental alignment and recast elemental ward. Also, the only visible aura will be that of the last casted ward. 

  • Fire changes: increase the burn radius to a static 7m. 

  • Cold changes: stays the same. 

  • Electric changes: remove the shield bonus, add a magazine size buff instead and increase the discharge range to a static 20m. 

  • Toxin changes: increase the fume range to a static 15m. 

Note: With these changes, chroma can tactically chose which wards he wants to have active, encouraging the player to plan when to use what, or use every ward at once (if you’re mad). Also making the range based on affinity range, will further reinforce his role as a buffer tank. 

His three: Vex Armor 

Note: Stays the same, no further changes must be made. With the balancing of his two, the team aspect of chroma is more than covert. If allies want to benefit from this buff, then they can get a bit near chroma, or he can add some range to his build. 

His four: Effigy (rework) 

Ability Description: Chroma turns his pelt into a massive sentry that strengthens nearby allies and engulfs enemies in elemental attacks, while serving as a catalyst for chromas vex armor buff with limited range. 

Technical Description: 

  • Energy drain changes: Make effigy time based instead of energy drain, increase the cost of the ability to 100 energy and set the duration to 25s. 

  • Movement changes: Make it so that it behaves like a sentinel, with the added functionality of being able to be set into a stationary mode. 

  • Catalyst change: Make it so that effigy projects the vex armor buff in a 10m radius. 

  • Other changes: Implement the changes made to chromas one to its roar. 

Note: Effigy only really needed some small changes to be useful, it already has good CC, the only thing holding it back was the energy drain, which didn’t allow chroma to regen while the ability was active and its movement.  

Final notes:  

These changes will give chroma new found versatility, while recouping some of that lost ehp (with a 368% power strength build and all tanking abilities on, chroma will average around 54k ehp with this rework, instead of 31k). He won’t become our old undying angry dragon with insane dmg, but even then, he’ll be in a much better place than he has ever been. It could be that I went a bit overboard with some of my teaks, so I do I appreciate your criticism, hope you liked my Ideas and that DE takes at least a glance at it haha.

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