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  1. Fully agree, its the only thing stopping me from using her, since its so distracting.
  2. Not every frame needs complex synergize to be worth using, especially when it come to loki. Being simplistic also has its merits. His kit is one of those things that remains timeless, the only issue right now is that some enemies cant be disarmed.
  3. I dont think loki needs a total rework, just some tweaks. He has dmg in form of stealth multiplier and he has CC in form of disarm and its godly augment, which further fuels CO. If anything were to change, I would suggest this: Give Decoy a 4s invulnerability phase, where it can absorb dmg like every other ability of its kind. Allow us to freely teleport with switch teleport (this also goes for ash's teleport), maybe add the ability to transform into an enemy unit if we switch places with one.
  4. #*!% yeah, this has made my day. I've been posting about this for a while and am very happy to see this haha.
  5. I think you forgot to update the datebase for riven mods. The CC value on them are basically worthless if you guys dont implement that change.
  6. My suggestion for Minelayer When it comes to vaubans rework, most of his kit received a change for the better. Tesla has huge dmg potential with its augment and in general is pretty good light CC now. Orbital strike deals good dmg and in addition the increase in animation speed made the ability more usable. Finally bastille / vortex strips armor while also increasing vaubans own armor (though it still needs an animation speed buff). The one ability that remained as a meme is minelayer. Its only redeeming factor is overdrive, which is a pitiful dmg buff with pretty low duration. Tether coil while good cheap CC is heavily hindered by the number if enemies it can CC. Vector pad is basically bounce 2.0 mario kart edition, but it fails in actually making vauban faster, since you have to stop in order to cast it. Finally the most pitiful of these abilities flechette orb, its basically the azimas alt fire but worse. This is all made worse by the fact that vauban has to take time in order to use this abilities, instead of using something more useful like his 1 or 4. In my opinion this could've been implemented better, while fulfilling the same roll through an exalted sentinel with 3 precept, similar to how venari works. The first precept would be overdriver, though instead of costing energy it will be deployed automatically after 10 kill assist from the sentinel, similar to dethcube energy generator augment works. Buff would still scale with duration and power, efficiency will determine how many assists the drone has to get. The second precept would be tether grenade. The sentinel will randomly deploy tether grenades when enemies get near vauban between small cool-down periods. Vauban can also just tag an enemy with the ability and the sentinel will deploy a tether grenade on demand. The number of enemies that can be tethered would also increase with power strength now. Finally Tactical retreat, this is a replacement for vector pad. When vaubans shield hit 0, the sentinel will automatically restore it and grand overshields, in addition to that vauban gains a bullet jump speed and distance buff for a duration. This ability will also have a cooldown. Bullte jump speed buff will be a static value, comparable to other bullet jump mods, while the overshields granted will scale with strength. Flechette orb will be replaced by the innate ability of the sentinel to attack enemies with their weapon, like all other sentinels. Also Sentinel can be resumed by recasting it or waiting a certain amount of time, similarly to venari. This would basically fulfill the same rolls as minelayer, but a lot better while not disturbing vaubans gameplay loop. I hope you guys liked my suggestion, the only thing I want is to shed light on to this ability before DE forgets about vauban. Cause this ability does have potential, it just fails in the implementation.
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