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  1. Yes this ragdolling really is annoying, basically makes hammers and other weapons with the same effect unwieldy to use.
  2. I also liked the perma death, really made my team chroma build shine and oberons augment was actually useful. The only thing I hated about arbitrations is that they had lower enemy scaling.
  3. Well t4 scaling should take care of that, making it harder to revive people will actually punish you for dying, which from my point of view should be a thing.
  4. Also they should finally implement shield gating.
  5. No, to make their kit more usable and not something so binary like vaubans kit. A good example of this would be Khora, her kit resolves around making the enemy easier to kill by disabling them with her 2 and 4 and dealing damage with her 1. Same thing with Nidus and Nova. Pure CC frames most of the time makes the enemy harder to kill.
  6. In general CC frames need a rework, because they are useless outside of missions like interception. If you dont want to die, you can always take a support frame like a range chroma (which I play as), trinity, oberon, harrow, nezha and even gara. The problem with CC is that to many enemies arent affect by it, making it useless. In addition its either god like, trivializing basically everything, or crap because certain enemies anrent affect by it. Because of that I dont agree we should balance around a class of frame that desperately needs a rework. Instead I would rework them to play better with the game.
  7. As we've all seen new arbitrations changes will be coming. Enemy scaling will be normalize, you'll be able to revive you're allies by collecting points dropped by drones, those points will act like financial stress from the index and rivens will be added as a reward. All in all I think those changes arent bad, but I in my opinion more difficulty is needed, especially since they're marketing it as an endgame mission type. Arbitrations have been lackluster since they've came out, this changes while welcome wont really make the game mode that much more challenging then a normal axi fissure. Because of that I would like to suggest these changes: Damage: Either set the scaling to t4 or introduce a new drone that boosts the damage of up to five enemies by 300% (enemies can only be boosted by one drone). Revives: While revives will now be possible, from my point of view you should be punished for dying. Because of that I would add a timer (30s for example) which represents how much time you have to revive your ally. In addition if you die again in a time spawn of 3 min, your next revive will cost double the amount of point of your last revive. Mission condition: Introduce some form of mission conditions like in sorties and nightmare missions. Some of you might think that these changes are rather extreme, which they are. Arbitrations are suppose to be a place were you're challenged, not like 95% the content ingame. This isnt suppose to be casual or new player content. If you need endo and cant deal with the difficulty, go farm rathuum. Arbitrations are supposed to be end game content, which challenge the power of the player. If you want the rewards, you better learn how to survive.
  8. Couldnt have put it better myself. Atlas self sustain is bad, his ehp is to low (adaptation helps a lot though) and his to restrictive to his team. With this rework I was aiming to remove those uneeded limitations and give his kit a bit more flair. Edit: Without making him overpowered.
  9. Yes Buff toxin and electric and let us stack auras. I mean I dont have anything against more duration, but with my build (349% strength 200% duration 45% efficiency) I'm able to keep it up very well (easily 2h with only zenurik). This could be an augment though, something like eternal war. Make it into a time based ability, that should help it a lot. Also make it follow you around like a sentinel / specter that you can position.
  10. Thx for the offer but I dont like the minus. Something like -infested -finisher or -ips would be fine.
  11. Thx for the offer but SD would hurt it in high levels and im not looking for base damage, I'm planing to use it with chroma. But thx again, if you roll it and get something that i might be interested feel free to pm me again.
  12. In my rework there woundnt be any drain, the passive would be a resource that would be used for casting other abilities and tankiness. Well tectonics will still be a defensive skill because of the knock backs and synergy with his rumblers, it would just also benefit his one.
  13. Same haha. Thx I just want to inspire DE to make some changes to Atlas before his prime comes out, so we dont have another chroma situation where only 2 of his abilities are good and the others are less then convenient / outright useless.
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