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Umbra Ai sentient



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5 minutes ago, Jinsoyun said:

random question when you leave the warframe if this is a normal question is he able to use his ability with other players because all I have seen is him use the first and second abilitys

I'm going to presume you've done the quest that has him as a reward. Due to the way Umbra reacts to Transference during the quest, as well as the history he has with Ballas, Umbra reacts differently when you use your #5. Yes, he can use his abilities with other players. However, I'm reasonably sure Umbra's "Free Roam" AI is drawn from Phase or Force Specters given how he prioritizes his abilities. In both cases, the specter will use the #1 and #2 abilities far more often than the third. The fourth is rarely used at any level, even with Cosmic Specters.

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