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Gear Spiral is still disorienting...


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Sorry, I dunno where to put this feedback but the gear spiral is still very disorienting even with the changes in this Fortuna update. What if the gear spiral was fixed in place as it was before except now you could rotate items within individual slots instead? For example, say you had 2 more places in slot #1 where you could rotate different items and you wanted Squad Health, Squad Energy, and Squad Ammo restores all in said #1 slot. All you'd have to do would be to open your gear wheel, move to slot #1, and press a button to cycle between these items in slot #1. This way you can kinda group items into categories like if you wanted mining/fishing stuff together or K-drive/archwing stuff together, different scanners, etc. You get a mostly fixed orientation to the wheel with the ability to cycle as well. That's off the top of my head but something should be done cause I'd rather just stick to having 12 items or less to avoid spiraling. Just saying...  


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