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Sentinels Forma Bug?


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Ok so today I decided it was time I started investing into my sentinels combat ability rather then just be defensive. My death cube already had a catalyst inside it so figured it be the best first solution. After I placed the forma into its machine gun utility I started leveling it on xini. After returning to the upgrade menu I realized that I was no longer getting the double levels from my catalyst.Currently it is level 12 but should be 24 from the catalyst benefits but still only giving the base level; Also shows catalyst still in place not allowing me to replace it or place another. I am losing a lot of power because of this and wanted to bring up the issue and to see if anyone else is suffering from the same bug.Also if not a bug or glitch I would love to know what I did/doing wrong.


P.s. sorry this isn't well thought out or organized. My first post.

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I havent seen, or heard of anything like this before, and I havent formaed any of my sentinels. This definitely seems like a bug, as catalysts dont just stop working. Hopefully the devs will see this thread and adress your problem.

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