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Garuda Ultimate Bug


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It appears when I use Garuda's Ultimate she bugs out and stays in the Ultimate till I'm down or I jump off a cliff.  Releasing and recasting only prompts "Ability In Use."  While in this state I can walk, run, slide, and roll.  This glitch occurred in ever mission I was in including captura and simulacrum.  I don't know if it has to do with my button combo, d-pad to cycle abilities and square to active or charge. I have not run across a similar problem with any other warframe in the game nor have I seen anyone else with the bug yet.

Things that I have noted:

Natural talent doesn't cause the bug and gear/equipment also doesn't have an effect.

If there's something I'm missing about her Ultimate please let me know.



As it turns out my button combo does prevent the release of garuda's Ultimate but the standard control scheme is bugged as well.  The standard control needs to:

Open the Abilities menu->cast bloodletting-> close and reopen Abilities menu->cast bloodletting again

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