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We want the option back to slot the Echo-Lures in the Gear Spiral, DE. (Don't slow down our floof farming... q.q )


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Heya all.

Got on today, thought I'd get back to some Conservation farming (can never have enough floofs! :inlove: ), wanted to change the lure in my gear wheel (or spiral, whichever..) and found that slap-in-the-face pop-up...
So went to check what on earth caused it, and to my surprise it took an insane 2-3 seconds to find a google search result..

The Hotfix 24.1.2 change;
"Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral, they are auto-equipped in the Conservation gear when a Tranq is equipped."

But... what if we actually WANT the ability to slot our lures eh?... So I've spent some time (actually not that much time with how easily you can find such posts here, on reddit, etc), and more people find this change to be... unnecessary and inconvenient at best.
Because the Gear "Spiral" is semi-endless (99 slots max was it?) why on earth would (currently, til more are added) 4 lures even hurt the scrolling through said wheel?
And people like to hit a numpad number for a lure, etc like any other item on there they want to use at that time.
I personally found it extremely useful/helpful to select lures right away, and, it's one of those type of things, that if you touch it.. the probable first thing to come to a player's mind will be "what dumb ... is this?!" (no offence)

Though, I'm guessing this was a choice to fix the one or more bugs that came with lures being on the Gear Spiral (it did something like displaying the wrong lure type image or whatever, otherwise it worked fine, from what I experienced anyway).

And true, not everyone always uses the Tranq rifle, and/or will switch between using a sleep frame or the rifle when they feel like it, but don't take away something that was decently convenient and replace it with having to go through the Trans rifle every single time... (When you're in that mood to farm stuff, you really don't want quite inconvenient stuff to slow your farming down, or constantly remind you by slapping you in the face with "here, have some inconvenience" :awkward:).

And sure, in a way it's not that much work or effort to switch to the lures, but the Gear Spiral or not, should at least be an optional thing for people who do want to numpad their lures.

So DE... can we PLEASE get option back to add them to our Gear Spiral again (if needed take a bit more time to fix the actual bug from the Gear Spiral...).
Currently it hinders and slows down our floof farming... :sadcry:

Also just another thing for the heck of it...
"Echo-Lures no longer need to be equipped in your Gear Spiral" there was something lacking from that sentence (instead of saying like, the wording wasn't correct), it should've had an added
"We've also locked you out from ever equipping lures to your Gear Spiral ever again unless we decide to change it, so keep the ones you have on your Gear Spiral or they'll be gone forever!"
Or something like that... :tongue:

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