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(XB1) Trade chat options improvement

(XBOX)XGN DrFeelGood

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   As a long term player of 2+ years trade chat has been interesting and later started it's ups and down. From the time we had North America - West/East servers it was limited on the tension to find a mannered person in the North America-West server to buy and trade from. When the two servers got meshed into 1 it took well over a year for the new atmosphere too develop it self. Now after time to time visits to trade and buy the trend that has polarized is bringing trade chat on the Xbox 1 to a standstill:


   Too many people are spamming the chat with their hopes of someone being tricked into buying their over priced and sell to them for 1/5th of an items value. Explicitly, these people have spent hour reposting WTS_____ for 1k, 2k, 3k plat that is not being purchases after 30 posts later and the same people who are buying something with their stated price or in a direct message offer are trying to be humorous with their 20% of value offers. Sure it seems like a 'drought' that happens  before the next prime release; but 20% of the people roughly posting are there to buy and sell. It has gotten this intense even after 3 weeks of the release of Chroma prime. Some may argue these are "End Game Players" being involved in "Macroeconomics" ; but if this is a negative impact on trade chat for the traffic that it has, then this is stalling the function of trade chat for every other person that uses this chat to keep the activity going on the game. Yeah, these people could just be reported and blocked for spamming, perhaps griefing / trolling the chat; but that makes a stronger reminder that the chat would have little ligament activity left and if someone was to buy and sell then that person would have to watch for certain posts to appear like a needle in a haystack. Due to the nature of this reality we are going to require more options to trade chat.


   With the key word search it has been great for finding certain posts to show; but further options will help people categorize more. Perhaps sections of this chat for certain item such as one chat for rivens, one for arcanes, another for mods, as well as one for primes could be funnel options or channel; so the people who sit there for hours waiting for someone to buy their 20-50 USD valued rivens can have their place to post. A second option it to BRING BACK the North America-West server; so we can trade and conduct ourselves like we used to before we got bunched up with the crowd who needs to work on their communication skills. 3rd would be a bidding section so that crowd can play in the DMs since which is their decision to play the game at the time. 4th is to include to the record of each profile of how many trades were attempted and how many were completed. That could show some seniority of long term players, catch the group that are newer who push their demands, and see any smurf accounts being used for deceptive purposes. 5th is to have a bot recognize when a person has reposted 20+ times of the same post; so that they can be server muted for a few hours.These are some out of brainstorming to improve the trade chat.


  To sum up these observations and perspectives the goal is to regain and maintain a stead flow of trading with the chat. If this was a pandemic of a social situation on the other devices it would be made known more broadly; but testing trade chat updates on PC edition would help to delegate to the console versions; so people are not blurred out by spamming reposts. It was not meant to amount to chat where all the ugliness comes to a chat that is essential to the game. Reestablishing the environment of the trade chat would make engagement in the game continue to flow instead of being stagnant. 






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