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Make ZEPHYR Great Again


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However his tailwind is not! (just like many other warframes' abilities)

Right now the Zephyr is in a very poor position in terms of skyterror from what his description says.  He is very fast to travel from one place to another place but that's it. You have very poor control of where he is going. Very poor control of the sky.

In any mission, your teammate Zephyr will just Tailwind at an incredible speed trying to pass through a door but then smash to a wall and take maybe 10 seconds to reach the ground due to the momentum of Tailwind and his great passive.

I am a Zephyr fans since 2014. In the past, i was hoping DE would make the tailwind more controllable just like Archwing, DE finally did it but it was not for the Zephyr which makes me very sad.

However I later realised that giving Zephyr the Archwing treatment does not fit his playstyle. He should have his own way to shine in the sky. To achieve this, i would suggest DE to change him in the following ways:



<ON THE GROUND>        


The speed of Dashing has to be changed.

It should be a FIXED SPEED no matter how long the POWER DURATION is


It could be a value scaling with POWER DURATION, but also having a limit. Up to a maximum value it should stop increasing.


We also need to have a way to cancel the DASHING.

For example, when we are DASHING, we can perform a JUMP to cancel the DASHING.

It is similar to the JUMP which we can use to cancel our Bullet Jump.


It should STILL maintain the momentum generated by Tail Wind once it ends, however, it SHOULD NOT scale with your duration. Gives it a fixed value instead.



Removes the HOVER JUMP technique, instead, just give the ability to LAUNCH UPWARD immediately. The upward distance should be only scaling with POWER DURATION and not the time we charge the skill. The charging time shouldn't affect anything.

We can also perform a JUMP to cancel the LAUNCHING which allows us to have a easier control of the height.

\*\*\*The reason to remove HOVER JUMP technique is because we have completely no idea how CHARGING will affect the ability. We do not know how long we charge will convert to how long the hover height and hover duration are. It is a very poor & unpolished design of ability.




The speed of DASHING and the momentum afterward should be a fixed value or a scaling value with an upper limit.

And we need to have a way to cancel it in the middle.(For example, performing a Jump)

The technique when aiming at a slight angle toward the ground to perform a DIVE BOMB remains unchanged.

However, I also suggest DIVE BOMB to have the Rhino's Stomp CC effect to actually make us feel anything.



DIVE BOMB directly DOWNWARD without the requirement of aiming down.



Let Zephyr to HOVER forever or 10 times longer like LOKI & without any downward movement in the air.


With the above changes, we can use Tailwind to dash to the sky at a reasonable and controllable speed while you can still have a insane amount of POWER DURATION, then perform a JUMP at a desirable height

to CANCEL the Tailwind and HOVER forever to bring judgement from above.

And since the new Tailwind is very controllable, we can use Tailwind multiple time in the air to control our location in the air.


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