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  1. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Rework Chroma... Please

    Begging won’t get you a rework faster. They have acknowledged the desire for a rework, there a frames worst than him that NEED a rework. And they’re currently busy with M3.0, Fortuna, and other content ATM so BE PATIENT!!
  2. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    We need a reliable way to farm Ayatan stars

    Just go box opening through solo missions.
  3. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Which is better, Nami Skyla Prime or Shaku?

    Raw damage isn’t really something you want to build for. It’s what killed Boltor Prime before it’s buff. Building NSP for Crit, and status with condition overload, paired with berserker for speed makes it an absolute monster. Like everyone argues Crit vs status and I’m just here like “just use both”
  4. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Which is better, Nami Skyla Prime or Shaku?

    Nami Skyla Prime by a wide margin. If you want to use a nunchaku the Ninkondi is a significantly better choice.
  5. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    They took the direct feed back post for him off the forums. No foreseeable changes for him.
  6. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    Rev is dead because despite the nerf his 4 is still his only practical ability with the other 3 having glaring issues that keep them from being as useful as other frames abilities that do similar things.
  7. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Account Migration PS4 to PC

    Crossplah doesn’t mean Sony is suddenly going to let their players leave for a PC or Xbox.
  8. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    Here’s the problem. Yes they die and become damage pillars, but those pillars will likely be immediately useless because they just blew up from your Danse Macabre
  9. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    Why does everyone throw Gara under the same bus as Khora and Rev. Unlike those 2 she’s actually good. She’s a better frost that can actually tank.
  10. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    More like one of the worst. Literally only outclassing the absolute bottom tier.
  11. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Warframe helmet painting

    But why tho? Honestly it would like just make fashion worse since the helmets are specially tailored to match the color mapping of the rest of the frame.
  12. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Welp, R.I.P. Rev.

    They tried to fix him, but he was too far gone. *plays “spin me round” on bag pipes*
  13. (XB1)GearsMatrix301


    If your last post on this topic didn’t go over well then maybe you should take the hint of “It’s not an argument you an win, so just stop”
  14. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    TennoGen Round 14 - Accepted Items! 

    Been waiting on that Gara skin since it was first posted to the steam page. So glad it got accepted and so happy it looks even cooler than it’s first version.
  15. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Why isn't the pyrus project a permanent thing?

    Incentive to play