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  1. I think DEs smart enough to know that players making stupid decisions isn’t a solid basis to nerf things.
  2. Or we just don’t touch Nidus. Don’t fix what ain’t broken.
  3. It’s so you can use blind rage without worrying about your energy consumption becoming insane with casting all the abilities. Changing Nidus’s 3 and 4 to drain energy instead would ruin him.
  4. Yes because god forbid a crit based weapon like Soma Prime have high crit stats. Would you also like all weapon damage be reduced to 1?
  5. At this point they should’ve made it an accessory or just part of the skin instead of making it a syandana. they did the same thing with Ember Deluxe. She has all her extra parts as armor parts exclusive to that skin.
  6. No, they are 2 very different abilities. not to mention shadows suck and trying to tie Nekros only good ability into one of his worst abilities will only make him a worse frame.
  7. Baruuk. His 4’s slide attack takes chunks out of Wolf. I’m not saying every frame is designed to just replace another. I’m just saying Sevagoth himself literally just replaces Valkyr in terms of gameplay because his 4 is literally just a better version of her. Why would you be modeling frames after Revenant?
  8. I swear I’ve pressed every button and every possible combination of buttons and nothing.
  9. If DE wants to stick by their logic that “Kuva hek is already stronger than Hek with the augment, therefor it shouldn’t be able to use the augment”. Then I want to see them disable the use of augment for every gun variant that’s better than the original. No more Entropy Burst on Supra Vandal. No more New Loka augment for Prisma Skana. No more more Nightwatch napalm for Kuva Ogris. Because they shouldn’t be cherry picking what augments are usable on what variants over arbitrary things like weapon stats.
  10. So is Sevagoth, and his 4 is a better version of Valkyr and the rest of his kit is highly effective against large groups of enemies, unlike Valkyr. Having a single use does not make a frame good. Especially when that same use is covered by other frames while they also have other uses on top of that.
  11. Yarelis below the bottom of the barrel. Nyx is at the bottom of the barrel.
  12. Wow, people really don’t want Nyx to be better. That’s actually extremely disappointing. We shouldn’t be settling with substandard frames in the game. We should be pushing DE to do better. Just because Nyx technically “works” doesn’t mean her kit isn’t extremely slow and outperformed by literally every other frame. Simply tying Her cheap 100% armor strip with a Corinth prime is not enough of an argument that she’s good. Needing to fling yourself around with a melee weapon to move while tanking is not good when literally every other tank frame can literally just walk. Having a CC ability that literally just comes down to being a Field of View reduction is not good. Having an AI companion that’s more interested in walking around than shooting people is not good. A 5 target armor strip is not enough to call Nyx good.
  13. Revenant was a series of bad choices and mistakes Caliban is a chance to try again and not make the same mistakes that lead to Revenant being the joke of a Warframe that he is. Honestly that seems to be the trend with the 2021 frames. Oh Valkyrs bad? We’ll just make Sevagoth who’s 4 is just a better version of her. Hydroids bad? We’ll release a water waifu. Granted Yareli herself is very bad. Revenants bad? Just release a proper Sentient themed frame who won’t have an unrelated theme added to them and then be forced to try and turn those unrelated abilities into vaguely Eidolon themed abilities. I don’t necessarily agree with this approach, but hey if we get an actually Sentient themed Warframe out of it I’m not gonna argue.
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