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  1. Heres an idea. They replace the Thralls with summonable Vomvalysts.
  2. Well now only 2 of them have 100% and aren’t worth using, 1 can negate the problem, a few are crit focused ones, and the rest are worthless. Yes this was totally a worthwhile trade off. You may not have liked the divide between shotguns before. But atleast a good majority of them were worth using.
  3. A good example to show how broken LoS is Use Ember in the new Simulcrum room. Get her fire blast up to 100% armor strip, go to the side of the group of enemies, and watch as several of the enemies do not get their armor strip despite clearly being within LoS of ember and within the range of fire blast. And yeah, LoS implementations these last few years have been very questionable. From Xakus 4 having LoS for enemies, but not containers, Hildryns 2 having it, Baruuks 2 having it. All while other abilities that provide the same effects don’t have such restrictions.
  4. There’s better CC options than Enthrall.
  5. So, Xaku is still heavily dependent on range and strength to be at 200% in order for her abilities to be effective. This makes build variety practically nonexistent on her and is ultimately just not satisfying to play. I have a build with much more evened our stats that I enjoy playing with a lot more, but there’s no reason for me to do so because all of Xakus abilities don’t really do anything unless she’s at 200% strength and range. I don’t understand this new limit on GoL that you can’t recast it now if you’re at max guns. It just comes off as counter intuitive and conflicts with the i
  6. Yeah, DE really screwed over shotguns with the status nerf. From the way they’ve changed it all the only 2 shotgun type weapons that can still reach 100% status per pellet are Exergis and Cernos Prime. 2 extremely slow firing weapons. Everything else has a significantly lower status chance. So I guess their idea was that you have to fire significantly more bullets to get the same about of procs that you used to get with just 1 or 2 shots. Which is just a flat out nerf that the status stacking changes did nothing to alleviate.
  7. It’s an augment for an ability that practically doesn’t exist. It’s useless.
  8. They already unpinned the official feedback thread for Xaku. I think any feedback we give on her now is just going to fall on deaf ears.
  9. More range isn’t going to help Iron Staffs pitiful damage.
  10. They can rework all the abilities that aren’t his 3.
  11. Limbo hasn’t been relevant enough to get nerfed. Does Stasis seem busted at first? Yes. But the more you play the game the more you realize the draw backs don’t make it as OP as people think.
  12. Maybe instead of making a whole new frame to make good minions they just rework the current minion frames to make said minions good. Nekros is a good start.
  13. Nidus is using 1 ability to fuel his other abilities in which those abilities increase the potency and effectiveness of that first ability. Also, you can easily swap out Nidus’s 2, 3, or 4 and be fine. Because replacing Virulence on Nidus would be like replacing Peacemaker on Mesa. Revenant is 3 abilities all completely dependent on each other to achieve some sense of base functionality. None of them provide a significant enough function on their own, so you have no other choices than using that same cycle, or just use his 4.
  14. Creators are not responsible for DEs bad decisions. They should not be creating an environment of “If you show off something cool it will get nerfed”.
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