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  1. They got pretty close with Ember. replaced her 2, replaced her 4. Changed the mechanics of her 3 to the point where it’s pretty much a completely new ability. The issue is no other frame has an ability set that completely neglects their theme. That’s uniquely a Revenant issue. And a unique issue needs a unique solution. And the solution is taking a hammer to his old kit and building him anew. Overall I’m still keeping the intended functions of each ability the same, but I’m making the mechanics and presentation more in line with an “Eidolon Warframe”.
  2. A big standard DR ability is better than an unreliable one trying to be unique. But don’t feel too heartbroken, because I moved the charges system to the Vomvalysts. I could add some synergy between the third ability and the Vomvalysts. But I’m not trying to over complicate the rework. Yeah, wasn’t huge on pitching another exalted weapon, but as much as I praise Danse as being Revenants best ability. At the end of the day it’s just another lazy “Press 4 to win” ability, so I wanted to change that.
  3. A rework can be more than reworking abilities. A lot of Warframe reworks have completely replaced abilities. As long as Revenants 1-3 remain as they currently are Revenants theme will always be screwed up. Also no amount of tweaking is EVER going to make them good. So the only logical solution is replace them with abilities that are both thematically appropriate and mechanically viable.
  4. The title is Revenant Rework. Not Revenant ability rework. Revenants 1-3 make absolutely zero sense on a frame that’s supposed to be based off giant hulking robots that shoot lasers. I fixed that.
  5. Honestly, her 1 should just be scrapped and DE finds another community pitched ability. It doesn’t do much, and void damage is literally awful.
  6. It was literally introduced because Scott said he wanted to remove the Simulcrum because it’s all he ever sees in videos. So DE was going to add a hardmode so we have high levels in normal missions to show off weapons and stuff in.
  7. Indeed. And completely destroyed the original intent behind Steel Path.
  8. If you have better ideas for a 4th I’ll hear it. I don’t like the idea of another exalted frame, but the design of it fits the idea of an Eidolon frame. yeah, I was considering making the Vomvalysts not be resummonable until all of them are gone. Other than that I can remove the Ally buffing. I see his 2 as more of a combo of Nezhas 3, adaptation, Hildryns 2, and Gauss’s battery.
  9. The character model is slender, the idle stance if very feminine, and she has a really nice butt. If they didn’t want people to refer to Xaku as “she” then they shouldn’t Of made the design so blatantly female.
  10. It’s ironic that you’re asking this because Steel Path was originally supposed to be an alternate option for testing weapons against higher levels.
  11. Nidus has next to no lore. His entire quest doesn’t even revolve around him.
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