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  1. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Need Advice from Nezha vets (endgame build)

    Brozimes build. It’s pretty effective.
  2. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Volt: Armor

    You missed Edo Prime last Prime unvaulting.
  3. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Please let us toggle off gara's glass on her new skin

  4. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Improvements to gameplay

    Grinding game. Gives players a reason to stay for an hour and play the game instead of logging on, buy weapon blue print, build it, come back in 12-24 hours.
  5. Free market. If you want to ensure a trade actually happens don’t make the guy wait without giving him a valid reason to wait.
  6. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Built in weapons

    Since Garudas talons are labeled as part of her passive. I hope not.
  7. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Please let us toggle off gara's glass on her new skin

    But why tho? It’s part of the characters identity. It be like removing Nezhas ring or titanias wings.
  8. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Requesting short dev. answer RE: clan emblem

    Not enough to act like it’s a common occurrence.
  9. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Modular weapons should accept skins, change my mind..

  10. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Requesting short dev. answer RE: clan emblem

    The developers don’t directly respond to people on the forums.
  11. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Rounding out Baruuk

    The video you showed literally shows the use of condition overload and gas damage. 1 proc immediately makes any conclusions you make invalid. Because be it gas or impact procs it increases the damage due to condition overload. Try my build and you’ll find the combo multiplier does not effect the waves. You said if you’re proven wrong you’ll admit it but you’re claiming invalid evidence as your source for being right. And that’s wrong.
  12. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    i do not understand DE

    Did 2/3 of yesterday’s sortie with him too. His first two abilities did very well, but his 3 just didn’t feel like it left a big enough impact to use and his 4 was just worthless despite the fact that I was going up against the Corpus.
  13. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    Reading your comments are starting to become painful. First, stop accusing me of thinking things that you think I’m thinking. I don’t accuse you of anything other than being wrong on a subject. Have the dignity to show the same level of respect. There are several people who have said Serene Storm is one of the best exalted weapons when it’s not. People acting like he’s this top tier frame that can compare to the likes of Nidus or Nezha. No he’s not. Having bad designs like the anti synergy of his 1 doubling the range of his 3, his 3 having damage resistance but the daggers fly out so fast it’s hardly even practical, and an exalted weapon that you have to build up a meter over time in order to use only for it to be a clunky mess of bad CC and damage equivalent to a light breeze. That’s not balance, that’s bad design and clunkiness. He’s an ok frame with glaring issues but anytime someone brings up any issue they seem to get hounded on by the same 4-5 people who keep saying the same thing “oh your just not building him right” “What are you talking about? Baruuks amazing top tier god mode”. And what’s wrong with Baruuk maybe being a better version of Excal? Let’s look at how much effort is needed to get each frame. Excal: Start the game and pick him. Baruuk: go through the entire star chart to get Chroma, get all the mods necessary for Chroma. level in the Quills to get that Warframe healing arcane for Chroma, play through archwing to get all the necessary mods so your archgun doesn’t feel likes it’s firing air soft pellets, Become Old Mate in Fortuna. Farm tf out of the Profit Taker. Reach Rank 3 in Vox Solaris. or Reach Old Mate, do the Profit Taker heist, farm tf out of PT bounty 2, Get a Nekros, get the necessary mods for Nekros and farm tf out of the toroids. (This is how I farmed him) And don’t even get me started on his resource cost. Overall, Baruuk is not worth the effort to farm. His 1 and 2 are definitively good abilities but the issues with his 3 having half it’s function rendered useless and his 4 being just the worst leaving him half the frame he can be. “I'm simply trying to get him to realize that no, you dont need to do something extremely slow and wonky to finish a group that includes heavies, his kit simply allows for him to do it all with serene storm thanks to lull.” You can’t say you’re trying to explain that you don’t have to use a slow and wonky way to kill heavies only for the solution to be slow and wonky.
  14. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Rounding out Baruuk

    This is why my test was done without condition overload, shattering impact, or a status type that deals damage over time or debuff enemy armor or shields. It skews the results making it look like the damage is being increased by the combo multiplier but it’s just the mods like condition overload buffing the damage or corrosive and shattering impact reducing enemy DR. Even my first test I forgot I had shattering impact on and the damage was going up 154, 155, 155, 157. It stayed at 154 when I removed shattering impact.
  15. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    It my utility sentinel. It’s just there to provide those little support buffs like vacuum, sacrifice, etc. are the other ways of using sentinels? Yes. Are those builds absolutely mandatory? Not really. And if we’re still going to remain on the topic of Serene Storms DR. 40% damage reduction that’s has to be modded for IS strictly worse than 50% granted regardless of power strength. 8 Lvl 100 corrupted heavy gunners. A test even my half baked, zero forma, gladiator set Wukong could pass. And as I’ve stated several times. I should not have to rely on finishers to kill heavy units with an exalted melee weapon. Especially since I can just save myself the time it takes to activates Serene Storm and just use a good melee weapon.