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  1. That’s with heavy attacks that you have to wait and build up for. And Serene Storm is designed to only be used for a limited amount of time. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops with the ability for it to start dealing damage when it requires so much setup and has a limited use window. It should be dealing insane damage right out of the gate.
  2. That’s dumb. What’s the point of him taking an Eidolon bubble bath for 1000 years if he gets nothing out of it. Why tease the player with an “Eidolon frame” when it’s not that in the slightest? It’s like making a “Grineer frame” that throws out Nullifier bubbles and ratels. It’s false advertising and BS. And when I read “Warden” I think armored knight tasked to protect, or leader of a prison guard, not blood sucking creature of the night.
  3. Because I play Baruuk, duh. His augment is extremely overhyped because DE put the stupidest “Balance mechanic” on it despite the fact that Serene Storm already has a balance mechanic that it wasn’t justifying. He already has to wait a million years before being able to use SS, he should not have to jump through even more hoops for it to actually start dealing damage. dealing 1/3 of the damage of Exalted Blade isn’t “outrageous damage”
  4. Considering Nyx’s 1 is also useless, yes. Mesmer skin provide unkillability in the least practical of ways, and again, 100% DR is redundant for pretty much all content, and it prevents use of the rage mod and certain arcanes. why only take 50% when your gun takes 100%? It’s not my fault they lack the cognitive function to understand how bad Revenant actually is.
  5. I feel like I’m just being followed around by the same person who just laugh reacts my Revenant comments regardless of what I actually say in them.
  6. No, make him better by replacing his unacceptable, garbage abilities that have no practical function in a game like Warframe. Also, Eidolons aren’t vampires, so saying his theme makes sense is asinine.
  7. Vampires hypnotize or “mesmerize” their victims. Mesmer skin putting enemies to sleep is a representation of that. They tried to turn it into a tank ability. The goal should be actually making Revenant Eidolon themed and an overall better Warframe. Not stacking on top of bad abilities.
  8. If DE wanted to make a vampire frame then they shouldn’t have made the entire frames backstory revolve around something that couldn’t be further away from being a vampire.
  9. Yeah, maybe nerfing solely on usage wasn’t the best of ideas. Especially for snipers since they’re necessary for Eidolon hunts.
  10. Baruuk is decent and under rated, but isn’t a great frame. He has good CC and tanking but has lacking damage even after receiving a buff from sac steel and his augment. He is not strong.
  11. Octavias well designed, just very boring. If they made her abilities more interactive she would be more interesting to play.
  12. That doesn’t sound right. Something must be wrong with your build. Probably using power donation or something. Tho if DE did stealth nerf the Reave/Enthrall synergy that would be nice. No power can reliably kill a Nox or a Lich. I don’t know why that’s suddenly a point against the ability that it can’t kill enemies specifically designed to not be easily dispatched by abilities. It’s like complaining about a power because nullifiers can deactivate it. That’s literally every abilities problem. Also, Danse has pretty decent range, nothing on Mesas level but still far larger than Reaves puny size. Also, you can press the fire button to boosts its damage. And that’s the problem with Reave, it takes forever to set up and can only be used on 7 specially marked enemies. It’s literally more efficient to just spray and pray Acceltra to get kills. If you’re struggling with self damage weapons I recommend you learn to use them properly instead of spamming them mindlessly like their soma prime. And Revenant honestly isn’t worth using if the only beneficial thing he’s going to provide to you is something that can be eliminated through learning how to play the game. Oh wow a stun, that’s so useful, oh wait it’s not because Revenant requires enemies to constantly shoot him to make use of Danse Macabres scaling mechanic. So disabling enemies is the last thing he would want. Grendel makes Revenant irrelevant. I’m getting tired of explaining this to people. Enthrall: Eidolons do not Mind Control you or anybody. That is an ability that vampires have, so having an “Eidolon frame” have the ability to enthrall enemies makes zero sense. Mesmer Skin: no sentient unit has a charges based defense ability. Their either have damage adaptation or in the Eidolons case a shield that’s only vulnerable to void damage. And mesmer puts enemies to sleep. No sentient does that. Do you know what does do that? Vampires. Reave: it was a wall of mist before they changed it to a Vomby dash. But it still drains enemy heath, much like a vampire drains blood. The reason Revenant was called a vampire in the devstream is because that’s what he was decided to be because for some god forsaken reason somebody let Rebecca lead his ability design, and nobody told her that the “Eidolon frame” needs to actually be an Eidolon themed Warframe and that making it a vampire is one of the stupidest and worst wastes of a frame possible. Garuda is a Blood mage not a vampire. DE can make Revenant properly Eidolon themed and then make a completely separate vampire frame that Revenants garbage abilities can go be a part of.
  13. No, Reaves % health drain scales with power strength. 200% power strength = 100% health drain. It’s honestly debatable about what Revenant is even supposed to do as a role as he’s subpar in all of them except for Danse Macabre which remains a consistent source of AOE damage up into the early 100s. Memser Skin is actually one of the worst tank abilities. You’re never going to regularly reach levels that require 100% DR to survive. So passing up all the duration based and resource based tank abilities for Mesmer is asinine. Because it’s charges mechanic sucks. Yeah, turning Revenant into a completely different frame is kind of the idea. Because his first 3 abilities aren’t Eidolon themed abilities, they’re vampire themed abilities with Eidolon colors plastered over them. And they’re also the abilities holding him back.
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