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  1. You know what else kills player choice? The frames and their different roles. What if I want to play DPS but also want to play a support frame? Well I guess that DE’s against player choice since they DARE to make frames cover different roles. I hate the loot nerf as much as the next guy, but saying that loot abilities existence hurts the game is dumb.
  2. I feel like this is sarcasm. Because a good 90% of it is wrong.
  3. Idk who I want to see again, but I know who I don’t want to see again. Hint: The Cosplay contest.
  4. Free. To. Play. Yeah some of the RNG sucks, but they have to make money somehow.
  5. Well for 1 that first image is a level 45 Hemocyte while the second is a level 75. IDK about you but this sounds like a case of armor scaling.
  6. DE is not a company who can just funnel a bunch of money and work hours into something like that without it affecting everything else. If crossplay/progression/saves every become a thing they are years away for Warframe.
  7. You’re like the 700,000th person to try and create a “share your ideas” thread. They don’t work.
  8. The problem is every time one of those issue is brought up by someone there’s about 5-10 other people deadset on telling them they’re wrong. It honestly baffles me when I see some of the things people will defend *cough*Revenant*cough*.
  9. More like several hundred steps from completion, but you gotta start somewhere.
  10. The problem isn’t DE, it’s us. We’re all a jumble of voices who want different things and for a developer who uses player feedback it’s hard to decipher what ideas should be considered.
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