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  1. Well DE doesn’t like completely overhauling an idea they already made. So it’s better to give suggestions on how to modify what’s already there.
  2. Honestly, Split Chamber and the pistol one are usually put in a polarized slot. And at a drain of 15 that puts it at a polarized drain of 8. So the 16 drain mods don’t really change anything.
  3. That’s just Rebecca and Megan. They are part of the community team and don’t take part in decision making for the balance of the game.
  4. I usually watch Shy for the lawls. Triburous because his frame reviews are massively detailed to the point where he’s pointing out irrelevant issues that don’t matter and things that should genuinely be addressed. And Brozime because he’s probably the most critical person of Warframe and DE that genuinely does it because he cares about the game improving and not just to get clout off the “Warframe is dying” train.
  5. So they just need to change these new mods to “on hit”. That’s what I’m hearing.
  6. The fact that you started off your response with this shows that you literally didn’t read the OP.
  7. Well then she can deliver the message to the people responsible for these upcoming changes.
  8. Well I’m personally more excited for them. As I’m someone who enjoys Arbis way more than steelpath. Now if only DE fixes that glitch with Sevagoth where switching from his shadow back to him can lock up your controls.
  9. Pretty sure it means the Arbitration store. I mean I hope it’s the store. Seems kind of ridiculous to me to move the mods from the Steel Path store to Arbitration’s already bloated drop tables.
  10. Dude they’re beams. Unless a weapons actively inhibiting other players from playing the game because your weapon nukes half a map there should be no reason for something to be nerfed. Beams are narrow damage trails. Melee has limited range. Neither of these things should be nerfed.
  11. Pretty sure mid-core players whole goal is to farm through all the available content and get all the stuff needed to approach high level.
  12. If the mods and arcanes were. “on hit” there would be less of a worry about that because they’d be easier to regain the buff if you do lose it.
  13. So you’re not making the absolutely mandatory change of changing these gun mods and arcanes to ‘on hit’. As long as these mods remain ‘on kill’ they are going to completely worthless for higher levels like what Steel Path provides.
  14. I mean levels 1-20 can be demolished with empty or incomplete builds. So it makes far more sense to balance mods and such for high levels where their effects actually matter.
  15. You can buy platinum to buy a riven that’ll have the stats on it that’ll counter the melee nerfs of Berserker and Blood Rush.
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