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  1. Lantern is a better ability than Spellbind...when it’s not pinged off into space that is. It has a larger area of effect and doesn’t Ragdoll the things you are trying to kill. So if your gonna replace any ability, replace Spellbind.
  2. Yeah um no they weren’t. I don’t know of anyone who was excited to have to put 6+ forma on any weapon just to be able to use an additional slot that only uses mods that don’t really add that much to a weapons practicality.
  3. Yeah. This should’ve been a 2 week wait, but we’re probably not gonna get it until maybe another 2 weeks. I just want my Gauss buffs.
  4. This. I hate the fact that I can only ever give Titania crap. Because her 4 is a fun and unique ability (that’s not half bad in the Damage department). But the rest of her kit has so many problems that I only ever find myself bashing her more than complimenting her.
  5. ...... if CC is dead then Titania shouldn’t have 2 Cc abilities. One of them needs to go. Full Moon buffs companion damage, nobody uses pets for damage. So it’s useless. Entangle only slows enemy movement and not their attack rate making it to worst enemy slow in the game. So it’s also useless. Thorns provides damage reflect. So it’s garbage. Dust is the only decent buff and it’s only because it combines with Razorwing to provide an even greater evasion buff. to only call these buffs “finicky” is far to large of a complement.
  6. Her issues don’t devolve from razor wing. They devolve from the fact that her other abilities consist of 2 CC abilities and array of useless buffs.
  7. I’ve never had an issue with building stacks. So they’ve been useless to me. And his 1 granting a crit chance buff to your primary? You’re using Nidus for his 1’s Damage. He doesn’t need a primary to deal damage.
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