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  1. But why nerf melee in the first place? It just seems like extra work when all they have to do is just increase the numbers of their gun buffs a little more. Instead of tackling 2 different things at once.
  2. Grendels not trash. He’s just unfulfilled potential. He’s still a million times better than frames like Revenant and Nyx who belong in the trash.
  3. Deimos was one of the smoother launches of big content. I have little worries on the state of the update at launch.
  4. Why cast 2 abilities to get to where you need to go when you can just cast 1?
  5. Oh trust me I know. They stated that they deliberately gimped Grasp Of Lohk because they didn’t want Xaku to be better than Loki. Because naturally you want a brand new frame to be on equal footing to a 7 year old frame that’s aging like milk. Also, Danse Macabre is good, but it’s not that good.
  6. Tatsu was mediocre even before melee 3.0. It got carried by its stance and CO. But the stance was ruined and CO got nerfed. So yeah Tatsu isn’t so great anymore.
  7. Again, Ivara can literally just walk through the lasers. Ultimately rendering having to do all that inefficient anyways.
  8. I just want to know that if vaulted relics are going to be continuously available through Railjack, will DE continue to cycle through the different accessory packs.
  9. But you need an enemy to do that. And Ivara can literally just walk through lasers with her augment. Limbo can walk through lasers while in the rift. Octavia has infinite invisibility meaning you don’t have to try and speedrun the vault. And Wukong can just fly through the vaults while being invisible to enemies.
  10. You know Rebecca helmed both Revenants ability design and Nyx’s rework that gave her the Armor strip, right? These are both examples of themes being ignored in favor of desired gameplay effects. A better argument here is there’s the other frames who have armor strip for no reason. But the armor strip is usually one of 2 effects of the ability. Gauss’s 3 can armor strip, but also procs cold, heat, and blast. Embers 3 also strips armor but also procs heat. The issue isn’t really that Nyx’s 2 has armor strip. It’s the fact that it’s the only thing her 2 does without also providing
  11. 3 hours after this you tell me to get over Revenants theme not making sense. When right here you’re complaining about Nyx’s 2 no longer fitting her theme.
  12. And you know what’s better for spy missions? Wukong, Ivara, Octavia, and Limbo.
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