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PC player looking for an active, social clan


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I'm MR 26, and I've just gotten tired of being part of clans that require me to do all the upkeep, or large clans that never even speak to each other.

So I'm looking for a more social clan with active members, that actually do things as a clan. My current clan has lots of members, but no one actually talks or does anything at all with other members. I haven't been with them long, but getting any help at all has been worse than pulling teeth.

I only came back at the start of Fortuna after a six or seven month stop, and recently decided to start farming focus for eidolon hunting. I didn't farm much focus after the changes they made, so I was almost starting from scratch. But 360k or whatever I get a day speeds that up immensely. Unfortunately, my current clan is silent when hunting is brought up (they're always silent). And the recruitment channel is apparently all elitist who demand 200+ captures to even get into a premade.

I'm interested in the Fortuna spiders we're going to be able to fight soon, and I figure strengthening my focus trees will help with that, along with arcanes. I've gotten the zen and nara waybounds, and one of the madurai waybounds. I'm 600k from the second madurai waybound, and I have max VS. I'm going to do Vazarin or unairu next.

I don't mind helping other members out, and I don't mind helping lots with research. I've been in a shadow clan where I paid for all the research for over a year. It's just not fun to do it all alone.

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I joined Order of the Sentience for a few days, until I saw that there's almost never anyone on during my play times.

 Then I joined my current one yesterday. I'm seeing how it is. So far they're social enough. They just never seem to have more than four others on at a time 😞

If it falls through, I'll keep your clan link just in case.

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