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  1. Mine won't even proc in the map with Condrix. Its currently r4 and I have yet to have it proc at all.
  2. The cost of items vs the pittance we get in the missions are absolutely silly. I'm not even going to bother, because I know I'll burn out waaaaay before even affording a single one of the weapons, let alone both.
  3. I think she looks like Mesa with extras on her back. I actually do like Titania, though. So I'll probably use it, with the original Titania skin instead of the prime.
  4. It isn't anymore with the changes to shield type damage. I've noticed my shields breaking far less even on my Loki when hunting liches without a health or shield mod. No more instant death from a single stray shot even from level 100 liches. Its nice. Other than the toxin one, lol.
  5. That's not going to help, because they'll just skip it even if they haven't done anything. So making a mandatory 5 or so minute mission seems like a step in the right direction. This sounds like an interesting idea that I could definitely get behind.
  6. That's why I only use fluctus. It travels through ships (and walls), allowing you to kill the clipping drones.
  7. Imagine their rant if we still had movement 1.0? I remember failing a mastery test once or twice because the frame I picked couldn't wall run far or high enough, lol.
  8. The Railjack quest needs to have some kind of small section that teaches players HOW to pilot the thing. I literally just had a mission where the owner of the ship I ended up in asked us how to even get into the pilot seat. This was in veil proxima, somehow. So I can only assume they got carried thorugh a few intrinsic levels. I've had several maps where I had to explain and show other team members how to exit the ship. Can we please get some kind of buffer to teach these people who obviously need it? And if possible, make it so that the people who haven't finished it can't jump into YOUR ship's pilot seat and then get it blown up repeatedly?
  9. At least your trolls know HOW to pilot. I just had two runs where no one other than me even left the ship. And another where the owner of the ship asked us how to even get into the pilot seat. No... I'm not exaggerating, no matter how much I wish I was. That was somehow in veil proxima, so there really was no excuse.
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