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  1. Its Friday and I still don't have my pallette from watching the streamer for an hour on Monday.
  2. I logged into the game just now and still don't have mine, either. And I've had this stream up for a little over an hour now.
  3. I've been trying to find a better way to fill Gauss' redline gauge. The 'best' way so far is to just tap the 1 skill till you fill it. But this requires (with a 50 second redline buff) 25-30 seconds of the buff to even begin using it. And duration mods making it take even longer to fill the gauge doesn't make that less painful. In region I was told by several players that to fill it faster I should use my 'cold' 3 skill on multiple enemies to fill the gauge faster. After using the skill on 0 enemies, 3 enemies, and 8 enemies I can say that you only get 2-3% per cast, regardless of hitting anything at all. Can we pleeeease get more % to our heat gauge from more targets damaged? The whole point is draining the heat from a target. So more targets SHOULD be more heat, correct?
  4. I was told that using the 3 on multiple enemies would fill the gauge up faster. They lied. If I hit 0 enemies, I gained 2-3% of redline. If I hit 8 enemies, I gained...2-3% of redline. I did it in the simulacrum to make it easier to hit 8 targets.
  5. After playing with him for a while now, the fastest way I've found to fill the gauge is to literally just keep tapping the 1 skill until it fills. That usually leaves me about 20-25 seconds of actual gameplay to utilize the buff...which is a bit of a problem when the entire buff only lasts 50 seconds (current build). To fill the stupid gauge, it feels like you have to almost literally stop fighting or helping allies so you can fill it. And you lose 1/2- 2/3 doing so, as well. That doesn't even bring into account that increasing duration makes Redline harder to fill. Rather, it takes even longer to fill the gauge with higher duration by an incredibly noticeable amount. Anyone else figured out a faster way to fill the gauge? Or a decent one that lets you still participate in battle, rather than play like an old man riding the brakes of a car?
  6. Wonder what the corvas build looks like... If it doesn't require a riven, I may make another one since I tossed mine right after leveling it back when it was new. And the Gauss mod setup.
  7. Are the small sparks the shoot off of Redline supposed to home in on targets? Because while I do see it once in a while (about one time in ten), the rest just shoot off in random seeming directions where no enemies are. They're incredibly weak, damage-wise. So having them act like rng based firecrackers doesn't make much sense to me.
  8. And no fixes to Gauss' extremely low damage, horrid cc, or anything? He's worthless outside running and his 2 skill, atm. At max rank, with a maxed primed continuity, I can BARELY fill my Redline gauge to 100% when running nearly non-stop. That's ignoring nearly everything going on at the time, and attacking no enemies. The Redline 'homing' sparks...don't. 9 in 10 hit literally nothing, even right next to enemies. If they aren't supposed to home, then they're one of the most useless rng based attacks I've ever seen in a Warframe. Hydroid's 1 hits more reliably than Redline's sparks.
  9. I've already said that the fire part of his 3 is WAY too bright and blinding. His damage is an absolute joke. On Hydron, Sedna the enemies are only mid 30's. I was running with 160% power strength, 155% duration, the rest at 100%. Redline's sparks were only doing 100-150's to the Grineer kavats. They also only seem to home on enemies at random. I've seen so many go the wrong direction even with only one enemy two feet from my warframe. Edit: Saw an above that said all the stats of Redline are modified by duration and not power strength...What's with that? His 1, with the 2 active...only does about 20% of a lancer's health. The lancers are by far one of the weakest Grineer units on Hydron. I rarely ever saw the 3 kill anything, mostly because of the 'bright' idea to make it shrink faster than an unmodded Limbo's 4. I have a maxed primed continuity on it, which makes it that much sadder. And my favorite. For some unknown reason, jumping stops Mach Rush (1) absolutely cold. But you can activate it in mid-air, so not being on the ground sure doesn't seem to be a problem. I'm probably just going to stick a narrow minded mod on him due to his damage being so worthless in any content higher than 25. I saw the stream where they said "He needs a nerf because he's killing things to fast". Except they were killing level 15-25 enemies. You can breathe on enemies that low and kill them. I'm still crafting the weapons, so I have no feedback on those, yet.
  10. It made my entire screen sear the same green as the energy, yes. It was incredibly blinding and annoying. But only one of them did it. One has thinner energy, the other thicker. The thicker one was the one that blinded me.
  11. I used Loki and a sniper rifle. Went invisible, pretty much one shotted her with a headshot using the....lanka, I think? Its been a long time. I also think Warframe armor is 'ferrite', so remember that corossive is your friend. Just make sure its a crit weapon, and not a status weapon. Removing the armor completely also removes the damage boost.
  12. They're incredibly blinding. Not sure if it was fire or ice, though. It was a pug frame with bright green energy color. Its Wisp's 4 all over again. Can we please get a bit of a dimmer on it? My parts finish crafting in about 9 hour, and I really don't want to have to make my energy black so it doesnt blind me like I had to for my Wisp before I literally just quit using her 4.
  13. Update failed due to not being able to download from DE's side, according to the error. Now I have to repair the files... Who knows how long that's gonna take.
  14. I have no idea how much more I could do in BL2, lol. I have all the steam achievements, as well as nearly every in-game challenge complete in UVHM. I say 'nearly', because I stopped bothering with a few of them after getting the first level. Like killing with tediore reloads *shudder*. I also quit WoW completely about a month into BFA, so that should count.
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