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  1. Either the invis from Wisp's passive needs to be made more visible, or the 4 needs to be made WAAAAAAAY less visible. You can't use anything other than incredibly dark colors or the 4 will completely blind you and allies. But when using black and dark purple, I can't see the small sparkles that come off of Wisp when her passive makes her invisible. I know that touching the ground doesn't instantly remove the effect, but its really hard to time an effect you can't see. So as I said. Either the 4 needs to become less eye cancerous so we can use brighter colors. Or the passive needs to be more visible so we can use darker colors to stop the 4 from being so eye cancerous. Had a Wisp in come into Hydron with the brightest yellow energy I've ever seen in game. His pods had a clear ring, buffs were easy to spot... But his Sol Gate almost literally blinded the entire group when it was used. After my retinas healed, I had to leave group because when I asked him to stop using it and told him why, he began aiming at my warframe with it just to be annoying. Because being blinded by being near isn't enough. Wait till you're the target...
  2. Do the demolysts still not show a mark on the radar until you're humping their leg? That was my biggest gripe. When you have 3 enemy radar type mods equipped and still can't see his mark until you're 5 meters away.
  3. The only complaints I have about wisp are the following: 1: The visuals are a bit overwhelming. I agree with the above about how blinding and overbearing the 4's visuals are. But I also feel the reservoirs are just too large. After placing all three, if you don't set them directly on each other, they take up massive amounts of visual space and can even hide enemies, lol. 2: Another frame without mitigate? I'd rather a mitigate on her heal over time reservoir than a flat health amount. If you have a mitigate of 150 armor, then having 1000 extra health isn't going to matter when a level 100 hits you with 2000 damage. Mitigate beats health amount every time. 3: Her passive is far too limited in enclosed spaces, which are far more common than open ones. Unless you build full aim glide, maybe? You'll still hit ceilings, though. Other than the above, I'm loving what you've done with Wisp. She's probably going to be one of my new favorites(for low level anyways, I hate glass cannons in 100+). Can her motes affect pets and/or npc's, please? I would love my kavat to get the Hot, health, or speed buffs.
  4. I've farmed Ivara twice now. And the the second time had a part that took me 174 (yes, I kept track out of morbid curiosity). But to me, farming the part of Octavia that requires the organ was BY FAR the worst grind. So many Lua runs (a place I hate) for just the chance at the organ. And I didn't do so well on the organ, either. I ended up getting 2 formas before getting the Octavia part.
  5. Just tried to make one. I said good things, with only two issues. Got deleted in seconds. Can't find it anymore.
  6. I have to say, I'm enjoying Wisp far more than I thought I would. I only have two issues with her so far, and both involve her 1 skill. 1: The pods are too large, honestly. They stand as tall as Wisp herself, and visually get in the way a lot. 2: She's another frame that has no mitigation abilities. The increased health from her 1 would be far more useful as a damage mit, making her able to do high level content in a way other than "don't get shot EVER". Mitigate completely trumps health, and has for quite a long time. Hope you don't plan on using her 4 in a map above 75, lol. Standing still for her is absolutely fatal. Other than those two issues, I think she's absolutely great. I love popping her speed booster and just burning down hallways without even needing to bullet jump to keep up with allies.
  7. I'm fine with the relics. Relics are always nice. But when I keep seeing a 'reward' of only 4 or 6 of the new material that when picked up off the ground gives a minimum higher than that it just isn't worth it. It feels even worse than getting a copper mod, honestly. The reward tiers really need to be looked at on the 'material' parts definitely.
  8. The only issues I really have with the new disruption are these: How long it takes for the game to say 'you saw the target'. It seems like you have to practically hump the bastard's leg before the target marker shows up. I'm running with enemy radar, max primed animal instinct, and vigilante pursuit in my build. I can see the other side of freaking SPACE... And yet I can't see the target until he's standing on my foot? The other is a target spawn issue. I've literally watched a boomer appear directly on TOP of the protect target. No living enemies around. Didn't run there and I just not see him. I and two others in my group actually watched this happen multiple times in multiple runs. Its not a huge deal in the early parts when you can kill it in one hit. But when I'm at 100+ and they start surviving multiple shots...they just can't be stopped when it happens.
  9. This may sound silly after I've already killed it solo 10+ times... But what one shot ability are you saying seems unavoidable? The small beams do quite a bit of damage, but you should never be hit by them if you amp down the shield and immediately rush to the lines. Rop will instantly teleport to the area you're heading. If you mean the charge beam, as far as I know he only uses that when you're standing by a power core. Since you have to get behind the core for his beam to charge it, it should never be unavoidable. I was running it with Baruuk and my radiation catchmoon with zero issues, and he never gets one shotted with his daggers up. The only times I died were when I got the black screen 'you fell from the map' bug that kept removing my buffs and spawning me directly in front of the laser.
  10. I've already begun crafting my wisp and the multi form rifle. Just need around 600 more for the two research guns now. I did 30 minute event runs 3 times with a Nekros to get them, though. At 30 minutes, the enemies are around 102. So I chose that time to leave.
  11. That's gonna suck, lol. Time to buy both boosters and dust off my Nekros.
  12. Does it just drop from random enemies? Because I've completed all three of the alerts and killed the Rop three times, and only have 54. Farming the mats for Wisp is apparently more annoying than oxium when Zephyr came out...
  13. Almost every large patch hits me here on the west coast between 1-4pm pst.
  14. They weren't 'inconsistent peaks'. Not sure about the waves (due to not paying attention), but I know that the uppercut builds combo just fine. Drifting contact or the gladiator mod makes it much less of an issue, as well.
  15. What's that orange lightning gem in the video? It looks neat...
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