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  1. 1: I don't like Gauss. At all, really. 2: I want a metallic color palette BECAUSE textures matter too much. I want to see metallic 'plating' on several of my warframes.
  2. Seriously. I would LOVE to have a pure silver Loki running around. Actual silver, and not the 'kinda' silver grey colors I have to use from the smoke palette. I love the gold color of the prime parts. But they're one of the only parts that can be colored that way. Using the same yellow on a non-metal part doesn't look remotely the same.
  3. That would be literally the only way I'd ever use a step type. I hate them. I want to see my cosmetic. I'm definitely using the wings, though. Can't wait to see my operator wear them in the creepy infested suit from the....second? nightwave.
  4. 25 father tokens just to gild a weapon? F*** that. I'll just go to Fortuna and spend 10 minutes worth of rep and a few thousand credits for the bonds. Mother tokens, maybe. But father tokens aren't anywhere near the low difficulty of grabbing the Fotuna rep for the exact same function.
  5. The problem with that is that while I'm usually considerate about the blinding screen bs and changed the energy color of mine to a dark gray, other's aren't nearly no nice.
  6. MR above the highest piece of gear (15 or 16?) isn't all that important. It just nets you a little more rep and a few more trades a day. I sat at MR 15 for 2 or 3 years with a full bar and more than 1k hours. High mr just means you specifically leveled gear for mastery (which I did even when I sat at 15). It has nothing to do with skill. I've run into mr 29's that suck absolute truckloads of balls, and mr 8's that are flawless. MR is just a number beyond the requirement.
  7. The Bubonico's 'upper' part is massively blinding to the viewer when attempting to aim, taking up at least 1/3 of the entire center of the screen. I tried just switching the camera shoulder, but I've been playing over the right shoulder since I started the game many many years ago, and just couldn't get used to it. Can we get the upper part of it shrunk down a bit? Or an option to place it on the other arm? I love the gun. But if it blocks sight that badly, I won't want to use it in actual content. The Bubonico's secondary fire aoe is also incredibly blinding to both the owner
  8. Every time I try, it tells me I have to complete the isolation vault. I've completed the tier 3 vaults several times now, but it STILL tells me I have to finish the vault, blocking me from actually doing the new ones. Also. Did they mess with necramech weakpoints on the sly, or something? Octavia's hammer no longer works on anything other than the shields. When invisible they still pinpoint you and slaughter you when they shouldn't be able to see you. And the weak point doesn't even work 99% of my shots. It's the glowing spot between the shoulder blades, isn't it? Because I was getting da
  9. Ephemera do have their own color options. Or do you mean separatefrom other accessories? Because having a single ephemera you literally can't color the parts of is stupid. Honestly, metallic rocks don't even make sense. They'd make a lot more sense if they were orbiting the warframe with the magnetic (vengeful push) ephemera.
  10. Let us color the rocks! The dull grey rocks are literally the only thing holding me back from actually using it now that I farmed liches for it.
  11. With every kuva weapon requiring five forma to gain all of the mastery, we need a shorter time requirement for crafting forma. Even if it just becomes 12 hours. Lately I've been working on my kuva weapon mastery and the amount of forma needed for them are just absurd. And with Corpus Liches coming, we'll need a massive supply all over again. 24 hours for a single one makes the five required per weapon incredibly painful.
  12. I was thinking about subsume abilities that could help augment Saryn's room killing ability at higher levels. My question is this. Can Wisp's Breach Surge sparks pop the spores? I know that the spores can proc the sparks, and was wondering if there was synergy between the two abilities.
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