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  1. Thank you very much. I've actually been told multiple times that impact is actually the best element for kuva nukor if you want a status weapon because it opens up mercy kills more often. I just like toxin because it turns into corossive and viral so easily.
  2. I just have one question. When you merge to weapons, which one decides what the element is going to be? The first, or the second? I have a 56% toxin nukor I really don't want to lose, and a 57% radiation nukor I don't care about.
  3. I had this issue with 2 gilded predasites. I was given the son tokens the next day, oddly.
  4. PLEASE fix this, DE. When a worm changes while you're doing vaults, the vault level will literally reset back to 1. You have to leave the planet or go back to town to reset the issue. And because a three vault run takes most of a worm's time up, it happens a LOT.
  5. I had to just stop using my mech. It has so many bugs related to it that it has become ridiculous. Doing the same thing you said, I've had my operator be unable to enter the mech OR the warframe, and all the passives for them had also turned off. So I was stuck with a 200 hp weakling with no armor in thee necramech area :P
  6. Token rewards, now that I need none of them? No point in watching, then.
  7. Please allow our arcanes to work for the necramech. Refilling energy is a ridiculous chore with how you won't even give us a vacuum function for the necramech.
  8. I just released 3 gilded pets that told me I would get 15 son tokens each for them. but I'm still sitting at 0.
  9. I was actually doing that. Half the time it showed 0's, though. Even when it had no shield.
  10. Can't set the necramech on fire, because it's status immune.
  11. Which warframe abilities actually can strip the armor from a necramech? I know that many frames with armor strip are based on status effects, which necramechs are immune to. So no Saryn spores or Ember's aoe, for example. I know Nyx can, but I don't have her anymore. I have nearly every other frame, though.
  12. And yet the range of all of the abilities is going to stay woefully under decent viability. At least increase the range of Grasp, yeesh. I don't want to have to french kiss my enemies before being able to steal their weapons.
  13. So I assume that means Xaku's changes are tomorrow?
  14. I've been more than 20 meters from them and still dyng to the reflect. Thast's by no means 'small'.
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