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Sedna Bugs


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So I have been playing through Sedna to get to Void: Mot, but, whenever I try to finish Adaro (Extermination), this things happen.

-Missing Hek- Whenever Drahk Master uses his weapon to steal my Hek, it will either: Fly 200 - 300 Meters away (And When I Pick it Up It Disappears), Fall into the Abyss, or Just instantly disappear from my loadout. (It only disappears during the mission)
-Incomplete?- Speaking of Adaro, when I "Finished" it, the completion didn't register, so I had to redo it, but I end up quitting, because, of the Missing Hek.
-Missing Reward- So I did an Alert Mission for an Auro Mod, once I finished said Survival Mission, I didn't receive the Aura Mod! And, the Alert Mission was gone from the Alert Tab!

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