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Unable to get into the second The New Strange mission


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Hi, so I recently came back after a while away, and I'm doing all the story missions that were introduced after I left. I'm up to The New Strange, and I've got a problem. I initially got into the second mission just fine, but in an instance with someone who was a good way along. Not having heard the briefing from the Cephalon (I assume), I had no idea what I was doing. Almost immediately after entering, a really durable enemy appeared - I didn't click that we were supposed to scan it, so I killed it (reflex - I had recently been in The Index, so my instinctive response to an enemy that didn't die immediately was KILL IT HARDER). This understandably upset the person whose mission I crashed, especially as I killed the enemy with Limbo, so the poor other player was probably completely unable to scan the enemy while I killed it. After it was dead, I finally noticed the chat where the other player had been yelling at me to stop (I get a bit focused during combat, and miss the chat) and, feeling horrible, said a brief apology and left like all of the Void was chasing me. They probably reported me for griefing, and they'd be well within their rights to do so considering what I did and the lack of explanation I gave, but it was an honest mistake made partially due to how tired I was when doing it and partially me just being an idiot. Now, when I try and start The New Strange, it just sends me to the Sabotage mission at Ares, no matter how I try and get in.

Help, please?

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