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Feedback: New Player on Switch


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Hey all, new Switch player here. Love the game, very rewarding to keep learning. At Ceres now. Here's some feedback, and I'll try to keep it short.

Biggest Gripes (really hurts the experience):
• The Kepler Archwing Rush mission on Phobos is absolutely ridiculous, and it is the most jarring thing in Warframe so far, especially for the Switch. For that point in the game, the timer should be far, far longer.
• The load time to enter Plains of Eidolon from Cetus is incredibly long. I'm using a microSD card with 100MB/s, and I could go through every single emote before the door opens. It wouldn't be as painful if either the walk is longer or there is a small minigame or diversion in that short corridor. Transferring such a huge game to the Switch's main storage is also very painful, especially since this load time only occurs for the plains. At the very least, add a loading bar for the Switch.

Less Important (should be improved):
• I don't mind grinding bosses, but Assassinate missions should display a Possible Rewards table, just like Relics or Bounties. It would be a massive quality-of-life improvement.
• Crafting your first Frame, Rhino, feels unnecessarily daunting, especially considering how easy it is to collect Frame parts & resources later on. The game actually provides early access to locked areas with materials you need, which is great. Quests like A Man of Few Words and Stolen Dreams are great shortcuts to Plastids and Control Modules, but maybe that should be made more obvious, somehow.
Mercury is disappointing and uninspired. A boss you already defeated that drops no Frame parts and a tileset that looks very generic.
• The first time you enter The Void from Phobos is very anti-climatic. It feels like some story quest is really missing there. The fact that you don't need a Junction to get to The Void for the first time also feels really weird.

Minor Annoyances:
How to equip Syndicate Sigils should be displayed somewhere. A single line saying "change your Frame's Appearance at the Arsenal" would make a huge difference.
Synthesis is confusing. A simple "scan different parts of a creature" description somewhere would help a lot.
• It is very easy to stop the Kubrow quest and then have no idea of how to get the neck accessory. I was searching in the Market for a blueprint for a while.

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