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I've bought frames, potatoes, slots and one colour pack.


I've never bought weapons or any dangly sentinel doodads.


I doubt I'm alone in this, weapons and doodads just don't seem like sensible purchases compared to the others items. At half price I probably would have bought, for instance, the Twin Gremlins. That'd be a little more money for DE right there.

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#1 This a quote from my topic regarding a possible option to Free to Play-ers.



Okay, and now a little radical suggestion regarding this.

What if a maxed Prime gear could be sold for a smal ammount of platinum?


Pros :

- This way we would add an option to low economy (f2p) players to enjoy more of the game content

- Possibly more active players //not sure

- Will have to implement more primes


Con :

- Probably have to redesign drop rates

- increase difficulty of blueprints obtain

- Will have to implement more primes

- A possibility of loss on Platinum sales income //very low in my opinion

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