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  1. I think the most interesting part about the buzzsaw was the attention it would demand--you would look for them as soon as you heard that noise, so it bought their allies breathing room and potentially drew fire without even endangering them.
  2. Wait, the buzzsaws were removed because we could hear them incomming? That's what made them awesome! Also, kinda scary, they packed a punch. It was the only thing I was even a bit afraid of. Butchers do not compete at all.
  3. See, I"m not even sure if you're on target or not, but if you are, that's already what they're doing, so I don't understand why he'd suggest "do what you already said you're going to do".
  4. All these people "translating" this, and nobody has yet stated what it's actually asking for. =/
  5. Increasing the cap seems like it'd be fine, if the mechanics related to it were fixed. Messing it up by tying it to rush or having it devour stamina seem like horrible ideas.
  6. You guys should do a challenge, same mission, same loadout, one on PS4, one on PC. See who succeeds. Then, swap.
  7. 1. That's an idea. Personally, I want to know why we glow like the 4th of july but cast off almost no light. Just channeling should be enough to illuminate the area around you mildly, and most powers... my gosh! THE BLOOM! That should be lighting things up too. Yet, it doesn't. 2. I'm not sure how long it takes you to re-level a weapon, but it's generally a fast proposition that takes no more than a handful of missions. This seems like it'd actually discourage using new weapons(it's so much easier to just forma-out an existing one than to start over from scratch, why would you start over?)
  8. Bosses are said to have a higher chance, but I have to tell you, I spent a solid month farming phorid for neurodes, and ended up with several completed nyx sets without ever getting one. I'd suggest sticking to endless defense/survival for gaining rare mats. It's much more reliable.
  9. I don't know. I was very excited to try maglev, but stopped using it almost immediately, because the +% extra distance meant that slides meant to end at a doorway instead forced me into geometry around them. Worse, I appeared to be TRAPPED in a slide, as it insisted on going the full distance every time, even if I took my hands off of the keyboard or attempted to do a flip jump from it. It's noted on the wiki that it apparently makes you slide faster to gain the extra distance. It could be interesting if toyed with, but I think it's rather low on the priority list. Unless the physics/l
  10. Not 100% certain what's being asked for here. No, the spelling doesn't matter, the basic idea needs a bit of fleshing out to explain it.
  11. And I reiterate, I have had to (by virtue of endgame statistics) carry my team when I've gone in to high level areas where my gear had 12 total ranks between it all, and theirs was actually maxed out. So, until you can account for that...
  12. Bah. At least you could've used consistent logic, something like "it's on 3 systems" But we all know that's never going to happen because it's not "half", it's 1/2. They had 1/2 life, and then 2/2 life, and that's it. There is no more. You don't get 3/2 life. You've already gotten the whole shebang. Portal is next in the order, so that would be 3/2, if anything, but it's clearly part of another whole anyway, as 3/2 should be.
  13. So... firstly, we just hit 13.9.2... which suggests we're in for 3 to 7 weeks more of hotfixes before 14 comes out, Maybe, maybe not, but... yeah, we could be. Seconly, back in 13.3, I had requested that we just go ahead, if for nothing beyond amusement's sake, advance it up to 13.3.7, using a slower number count if need be. They did not. So, not only are we denied a 13.3.7, we also have them slowly inching up on the hotfix count towards having a 7 in there. That's doubly disappointing--not only could it have been done, but it would apparently still have us on track! As for hav
  14. Rapiers are impact damage. Very little slashing, but a lot of impact and a lot of puncture. If you don't give both, you have problems with harming certain kinds of enemies. That's why all non-pure-elemental weapons have at least *some* of all 3. To be true to form, it probably should have equal parts slash, puncture, and impact, with the actual moves applying multipliers as needed. A swipe gives a large multiplier to slash, and decent multiplier to impact. A thrust gives a massive multiplier to puncture, a decent multiplier to impact. A buffet or pommel strike would give a massive impact m
  15. Atm, there's supposedly some link to your melee weapon, and the mod's rank, but nothing else.
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