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  1. Llyssa

    Update 17: Echoes Of The Sentient

    The "natah quest" is not a quest. Okay.
  2. Llyssa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #57!

    1. How goes genetic foundry 2.0? 2. "Shrino" has been in the hubs(er, "relays") for quite a while now. The original plans for "each relay matches the planet" are silly now, because of how few are left, but, given that all relays have the same statue, it seems like the statue should still be "relevant". Have you guys considered putting the model of the current statue in there? That is, there's almost always a statue for sale in the warframe.com store. Making that change official, right now, would work, because Rhino is the current statue for sale, so it makes sense that he's in the hubs. It would just require a change of statues when the next statue comes out. You already have the model you used for the statue, so you'd just need to pop it into the game, and then everyone would have more incentive to buy it--it'd be kind of cool to have the same statue that all of the hubs do. Can this happen? 3. Everything seemed steaming along pretty well last we saw you guys. Is there anything unexpected going on with the next update, or any change of plans? 4. Warframe China. Yes, this has been addressed, but it's much easier to point out "they said in dev stream" than to cite a forum post. People actually listen to the dev streams(not so much to the forum posts). Please elaborate? 5. Beastmaster frame? With all of the push towards having new genetic foundry upgrades, and new kubrow types, and new felizard, it seems like there should be a way to have several pets out at once, and a beastmaster-themed frame would make perfect sense for that. Thoughts/ideas/reactions? 6. For names for the felizard, what about something from the ojibwe language? Although diverse, the nomenclature in the game tends to be heavily euro-centric, and with an estimated 6,912 languages on earth, we could use some more rarity/diversity.
  3. Llyssa

    24 Hour Gift Of The Lotus: Pluto Edition!

    Pluto features: An atmosphere, polar ice caps, and has several satellites orbiting it. The moon has: none of the above.
  4. 7. What's the coolest concept you've had to shelf? Any chances of it making a future comeback on future frames once there's fewer technical limitations? 8. What technical developments(besides cloth physics) are you guys most looking forward to that are currently holding you back by not existing yet? 9. How goes the development of the felizard pets?
  5. 5. What's the view of future "proto" armors? The existing ones are all obviously lifted from Dark Sector, so, is there any future of others, or ones from outside of the realm of DS? Or will that be limited to ones where the design came from DS to begin with? 6. Will there ever be "tennogen" immortal-style skins(repaints of the default model) for frames? Is that something you're willing to brave, or is that too sacred?
  6. 4. Is trinity's immortal skin really "done"? It's looks practically identical to the "original" one, and using various color schemes, there's no difference between the two at all. It seems like there should be a lot more art to it, instead of re-using the same exact color scheme and pattern for 80%+ of it. It's hugely disappointing, and there's a general community consensus that it feels like it isn't finished. Can we get it pimped out, please? It's kind of sad that other frames have several highly-differentiated skins, even newer ones like mirage, while trinity is sporting basically "default" and "default with a few scribbles on the trim".
  7. 1. Ash prime: Badass. This isn't really a question, but needs to be said to the art team. 2. Regarding the upcoming parkour change, the last shown system has awkward hopping along the walls in lieu of the old wallrunning. Will the team be able to make this look less bizarre, and/or can you guys incorporate the multi-directional wallrunning that was shown before then into the system? 3. What is up with energy colors? All of my frames and weapons use the same energy color, and before the "black energy fix' came out, they were stunning and beautiful, and highly consistent--I use the lower-right corner of infested palette, a shade of blue that came out effectively the same color and shading as the lightning in the Orokin research room. Ever since the black energy change, it tends to either be under saturated(being almost white) or over saturated(being a shockingly dark blue), and only in rare instances does it ever look right--it's both inconsistent between frames and weapons... some appear to be similar/close to what it used to be, while others are massively, wildly different from the way they used it formerly. Is there a way for you guys to regularize the color again? The fact it still, on some few pieces of gear, is Orokin-lightning-blue makes me certain it still works the way it should. It's just the fact that there's a whole host of weapons and warframes where it comes out bizarrely wrong that has me confused. I like orokin-lightning-blue, that's why I bought the palette to begin with. It's the same color across everything, and when lighting conditions of levels or powers shift things, it's clearly the same color across everything, just being changed for some reason under standard conditions. Is this something you guys can fix? I know that, theoretically, I could try and adjust to the changes by picking different colors to try and achieve uniformity across my gear, but I'm mastery rank 19(almost 20!) and I've kept all of the weapons and warframes I used to get there.... that's a LOT of colors to try and fix from my end... particularly since the amount of shift changes from time to time. Shouldn't it just, y'know, work?
  8. Llyssa

    Thanks For Watching Devstream #55!

    Thoughts: can we still have the old wall running done in some way too? The general thing is really cool, but the loss of mobility is a pain, and the current hopping along the wall looks extremely awkward. Could frost get a mod that allows him to keep the mid-air freezes?(perhaps create ice spikes up from the ground to support enemies frozen in mid-air?) The parkour potential of freezing mid-air enemies to use as jumping platforms is amazing.
  9. Llyssa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #55!

    Will we ever get pvp splitting for loadouts and coloration? It's very hard to try and balance a weapon when you need entirely different polarities for PvP and PvE, and it's annoying to have to use up your design slots to equip the conclave sigil. It would make more sense if we could assign polarities separately for pvp and pve, and it would be super useful if we had pvp-specific appearance slots.
  10. Llyssa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #55!

    What did sheldon do to get invited back to the show? Why wasn't iron skin fixed in the recent rhino retouch? Any teaser for the next prime?
  11. Llyssa

    Rhino: Charge, Roar & Stomp.

    So, the only skill on rhino that actually needs to be changed is the only one that won't be touched. If iron skin could be made mitigation instead of negation, it would do wonders for rhino. Iron skin is worthless in high-level areas, and effectively invincibility in low level areas. This makes rhino a bad choice in general, and makes the frame detrimental to newer players--they fail to learn the game because they become some accustomed to immortality as they happily ignore the content that should be teaching them how to play. There is no point in revamping rhino if you're not going to touch iron skin. It is the most-broken, most-counter-productive skill in the entire game, and, worst of all, it's completely worthless to anyone playing any interesting content whatsoever.
  12. Llyssa

    Tennogen Vol. 2: Player Avatars!

    There can only be one.
  13. Llyssa

    Tennogen Vol. 2: Player Avatars!

    What time does this end?
  14. Llyssa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #54!

    1. What tilesets are next? 2. What warframes are next? 3. Currently, there are 3 relays per game iteration. The discussions about starchart 3.0 makes it sound like there would only need to be 1 relay. This would work against proposed relay upgrades(such as clans sponsoring relays and renting space on different planets and such). How is that shaping up?
  15. Llyssa

    Coming Soon: Devstream #53

    Why did you guys change filming location? I realize this has nothing to do with the game itself, but I've been wondering, and have never heard an explanation of it. The lunchroom had good natural lighting and the great giant excal statue. The current room is inherently smaller, and it has been noted there's people working nearby. This seems less-ideal for everyone, so why the move?