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Handspring not working? [working now, please close]

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I'm not sure exactly when this started but likely either a week or two ago - before this Handspring was working fine.

Now it doesn't seem to work at all - have tested on a few different frames/loadouts and on multiple different missions, but there is no knockdown recovery.

Can anyone confirm if this got broken in a recent patch?


Edit - seems to be working now since the last few days so please close this thread. 🙂

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Handspring still flakes out on PoE!
I haven’t experienced a quick recovery on the Plains of Eidolon since around the date of your initial post.

I’m not sure if Arbitrations is fixed by now, but in PoE handspring might as well be unequipped.

All my info is in this post:

And btw, for me it’s NOT randomly!
There is no error margin. Handspring 100% doesn’t function in PoE.


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This issue seems to be related to host/client setup on PoE (and Arbitrations).

This weekend I upgraded my internet from ADSL to Cable.
A very noticeable difference, especially in ping.
I went from 22 to 4 ms when speed-testing locally.

My improved connectivity, combined with a pretty solid fps makes me a good host.
And thus I have played PoE a lot more as host for complete random parties.
Here are my experiences on PoE:

-As Host Handspring always function.

-As Client Handspring flakes out 100% of the time.
Even Nova’s passive won’t function…
And it doesn't matter how good (low) a ping I get from the host.
Or how good his/her fps is.

So strange, because in the rest of the content Handspring just functions perfectly.
Even as a client with a high ping and a lagging host.
Just not on PoE?

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