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  1. Request: Nyx - Pacifying Bolts - also open enemies to melee finishers for the duration. Pretty please. 🙂
  2. Very cool updated sound effects for Nyx. 🙂
  3. Regarding Pacifying Bolts augment - what if this was changed so enemies hit by Psychic Bolts are disarmed and opened up to melee finishers (instead of confusion)? Seems to me that if using 2 with 3, the intention is for the enemies to have an easier time damaging each other with defence stripping, but Pacifying Bolts wouldn't synergise with that due to confusing them. Just thought it would be a fun playstyle to use 2 with 3 and then casually walk amongst the chaos using melee finishers on enemies while they fight each other.
  4. " we'll be updating her sound library to 2018 standards " Oooh that has me really excited! 😄 Looking forward to this a lot.
  5. I was just going to get the accessory pack with the Edo prime armour and that shiny sigil, but figured I wanted to "pay" for Fortuna - so spent the extra for the full double pack, as a newer player I don't have any of those primes - well mag is my second favourite frame (behind nyx) and though I didn't really like nova until recently (the null star visual effect of orbiting particles is a bit annoying/distracting sometimes) have done a full 180 on her. Sure if I had had a nice plat discount recently would have got that instead with the nova accessories only, but no such luck. Anyway at least saves farming time and can get down to enjoying/formaing them up during my play hours. 🙂
  6. As a newer player I'm excited for mag prime being available! 🙂 Shame about the weapons - not a fan of the Soma or the Boar, but anyway looking forward to the rest of it.
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