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  1. I likewise will use it, being someone who enjoys Nyx for 1 and 3, not 2 and 4. The idea of "less efficient but fun" being a foreign concept in a game where majority of content is easy regardless of min-maxing anything... I'm looking forward to putting powers like Mind Control on different frames to tickle that control fantasy.
  2. Thinking about putting Resonator on Protea in place of 4, just for a laugh. Probably have anti-synergy with shrapnel grenades though...
  3. It is a bit weird when 4 is out of date aside from boring tanking, 2 is equally dull defence strip, and 3 can be fairly easily replicated via radiation spam from sentinel weapons or otherwise. I like Nyx, still my main and most played frame. But can't deny that with Mind Control being shareable, I'm sorely tempted to put this on another class (eg Revenant) and have potentially better fun as a puppet master. Edit - if they had given Wukong's Celestial Twin as shareable, I would have probably swapped Nyx's 4 for that which would have been more fun, but given the list of powers it seems
  4. Trying to go for some fun: Revenant 4 -> Mind Control - shame about not having access to Chaos, but tbh with eg radiation Cryotra can kind of get reasonable thematic similarity. Hopefully more fun puppeteer than base Nyx. Nyx 4 -> Spellbind or Reave? - at least able to use something more fun and active here finally. I'm really looking forward to new Airburst pull vortex, may put that on other frames but tbh going to get back to some Zephyr once this drops. Mmmm, trying out new Airburst and a bit underwhelmed how it functions sadly. Got to rethink some things...
  5. Woah some real shocks there! 😮 Mind Control from Nyx?? Wow, ok "change of plans". xD There I was thinking to put Celestial Twin on Nyx, but now that Wukong is only giving Defy I might take Mind Control from Nyx and put it on something else - maybe swap Revenant's 4 for Mind Control which would be a lot of fun! Can't believe Quiver from Ivara with Cloak arrow. Let the brainstorming begin! 😄
  6. I'm not doing anything until seeing the list. xD Only interested in a handful of potential powers to start with, but want to be sure before farming anything.
  7. I've only got Ivara free to subsume, but probably not going to feed it if the power just ends up being navigator. Also waiting to see what all the abilities are before deciding eg what to get back from Simaris - most likely only going to want a handful of fun abilities so not stressing to get everything right now.
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