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  1. God damn I love the astilla. Just want to get a riven for it with -recoil (subjective preference), but otherwise it's such a sexy weapon.
  2. Mag is awesome with awesome skill animations and a fun set of skills. Easily my second favourite frame. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. If I was limited to pick only 2 things that if changed would be the difference between annoying to play and enjoyable they'd be: 1. Allow Psychic Bolts to be instantly recastable (refeshing on same or new targets). 2. Change sound effect of Psychic Bolts to previous version - current sound effect is like a cheese grater on my ears. Regarding sound effects - I love the new one for Chaos, and both Mind Control/Absorb are fine. Only Psychic Bolts sound effect is pretty annoying to listen to - too much grating/rasping - it's not an enjoyable sound, like a speedboat motor or similar... would prefer something smoother/gentler.
  4. Only been playing warframe for four months or so but consider myself a Nyx main and tbh I'm feeling a bit flat after this "rework". Being brief: Things I do like: + casting mind control while moving + psychic bolts being a debuff + sound effect for chaos is better Things I don't like: - holding 2 to "release" psychic bolts. This is awful and I really hope it gets changed asap to be immediately recastable. Holding the button to release targets and then pressing again to cast again is so unbelievable clunky in the flow of combat. I honestly hate this mechanic and it's single handedly putting me off playing Nyx right now. - absorb being an uninteractive skill without assimilate that also kind of contradicts the new passive. Would at least love some active component to be able to do something while the bubble is up, even something like hovering a cursor over enemies to direct them to attack and walk toward you. Though ideally it would be nice to see something different that synergises better with every other skill and the new passive which thematically suggest doing everything to avoid getting hit. - sound effect for psychic bolts has too much grating/rasping. Uncomfortable to listen to. Would prefer something smoother, or revert to previous sound effect. Things I'm indifferent to: / the passive is, meh... I like the concept, thematically about being more difficult to target, but in practice a lot of the time I can't even notice if it's working against higher level enemies. / mind control as a skill is still meh... great to power up the target but there's not much payoff for the effort. Complexity is good to keep interest, but the effect should be more impactful in gameplay. At least would like to see the target prioritise psychic bolts debuffed targets. / psychic bolts random target selection... sure you can have limited control over what gets hit by aiming in a certain direction, but then it's a case of looking at the health bars for which targets actually got debuffed. Needs a clearer visual indicator and also could do with the target limit being increased to 8 at the minimum. Though would prefer something like a "psychic wave" - conical aoe blast that radiates outward debuffing everything in its path, or similar. Edit - bottom line and the worst part is I don't feel like playing after this rework, which is kind of strange. Hoping some of these things are addressed - particularly the hold to release psychic bolts.
  5. Very cool updated sound effects for Nyx. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. I'm not sure exactly when this started but likely either a week or two ago - before this Handspring was working fine. Now it doesn't seem to work at all - have tested on a few different frames/loadouts and on multiple different missions, but there is no knockdown recovery. Can anyone confirm if this got broken in a recent patch? Edit - seems to be working now since the last few days so please close this thread. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. I wonder how many targets it'll be able to hit, if they adjust that. They mentioned not wanting to have 2 spam to strip everything, but it seems inevitable with high efficiency and a tiny bit of power strength. But maybe it's ok given how easily many other frames wipe the room by breathing, so maybe having Nyx present will mean for the most part that armour and shields will be trivialised, leaving only health to deal with. Tbh that sounds acceptable for a support/debuff capability - make all the enemies weaker but still have to kill them with weapons or let them kill each other.
  8. Just watched the Devstream video and it seems that maybe if it's possible to mod Psychic Bolts with enough power strength to strip all defences then perhaps Covert Lethality might not be necessary for most enemies of reasonable level? Can't really test until the rework is released, but for style it would be nice to use other melee weapons than Daggers, if the defence stripping capability is strong enough.
  9. Apologies for the delay, been busy with work last couple of days. Right, so Chaos Sphere looks kind of interesting from this point in terms of energy saving - I'll try it out. I'm hoping that Psychic Bolts should get rid of most defences, and yeah maybe Corrosive Projection would be helpful to be able to one shot armour using psychic bolts and then maybe not be restricted to dagger/covert lethality finishers? Would be cool to expand and use other weapon types for enjoying different animations. In any case am visualising a one-two punch possibly without finishers (just psychic bolts into melee), or chaos into executing dash into finishers. Have traded for the Stinging Thorn mod as Xzorn recommended so going to try that out with fast attack speed while farming up naramon focus. Was also thinking a lot of this could open up with melee 3.0 in the future - eg heavy melee with high upfront damage (am kind of hoping suitable heavy melee may have the ability to one shot up to a decent level after armour strip without finishers), and maybe other weapon types could function here, and maybe that could work with Zenurik. But that's a lot of speculation. I think yeah I will drop handspring in this case. I did use Coaction Drift previously, but maybe could use Cunning Drift for the range. Haven't really liked Flow much (don't have Primed Flow yet in any case) as have been favouring high efficiency with regen in general, but in this case if no easy regen could be worth having a large energy pool to stockpile. Would like to be able to sustain energy without consumables, but at least that's always an option. Funnily enough I made Dethcube a few weeks back for the reason of that bonus, though for a different warframe so it kind of stayed shelved. Will test other things out when I can. Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Ah yes I was thinking about Arcane Trickery, but the 10% chance is a bit offputting. But I already use the Shade sentinel (still waiting for Prisma Shade from Baro as I missed the last time he brought) which is kind of providing momentary invisibility every so often - so perhaps in addition to Arcane Trickery could provide that intangibility of ducking in and out of stealth - with the only downside of having no control over when it happens. Still I prefer frequent short duration stealth over long perma stealth. Usually am running on Nyx: Energy Siphon, Handspring, Continuity, Fleeting Expertise (r4), Streamline, Assimilate, and then a bunch of range mods like Overextended, Stretch, Augur Reach with one or two flexible slots. I do take out assimilate for solo cheesing Mobile Defence missions though (ie max range absorb, cast chaos and sit on the console in absorb). Also waiting to get Primed Continuity from Baro. Haven't tried Chaos Sphere, but have used Pacifying Bolts on occasion which is a nice cc. Will likely swap out Energy Siphon for something else (maybe even speed holster so I can swap between melee and main weapon faster), but I tend not to sit in Assimilate for long - usually less than 10s at a time depending on the situation - eg reviving an ally, in a dangerous position etc. The other thing is without it can't use Transference while casting 4, so it's mainly for the multitasking and using the Invincibility to cover other actions. Have been debating about running any defensive mods - eg health/shield, if going to be in melee range (so chaos/radiation enemies will be attacking me), but kind of think the new passive might be helpful a bit here. Is vitality/redirection or vigour/primed vigour better here? I haven't tried Adaptation much here though I swear by it on Mag, and I suppose with Nyx not getting shot as much the stacking damage reduction isn't going to build up as efficiently so I guess it's a waste of a mod slot? Sadly haven't farmed enough on Cetus to make any Zaws yet so will have to stick with normal weapons - but there's still plenty of good stuff so that's ok. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Ah, now that's interesting, thanks. I was looking around for other sources of melee finishers and good to know the stinging thorn stance has this built in on a combo. Would allow to stick with Zenurik and not worry about energy management. Will still level up naramon anyway because it's nice to make use of operator/warframe interplay, but will eventually test out both (and I guess other) methods and decide what fits best. ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah sure, please do share any builds. I tend to put assimilate on everything because it's so useful in a pinch and am kind of addicted to handspring mainly for the animation (I'm a sucker for cool animations). Aside from that pretty flexible depending on what will supplement this melee style best.
  12. Thanks, yes I meant executing dash. ๐Ÿ™‚ Would you recommend a dagger with covert lethality? I wasn't sure if it worked with executing dash. I guess this could be applied to a number of different warframes, but I like the idea of doing this while chaos is up and everything's fighting each other - gives a cool mental image. With the rework I suppose the main differences would be 2 stripping armour/shields and 1 being more useful, but 3 being the same should be good to go now. I'll start working towards this/grinding some focus so hopefully will be ready by the time the rework drops. Edit - also hope you don't mind me posting in here but thanks for the additional help! Gonna start building towards this in time for the rework. ๐Ÿ˜„
  13. I'm slowly getting to the point of enough gear to try out some different builds and would like some advice on the following, because in searching I only turned up one decent thread about a melee Nyx build and there didn't seem to be a final outcome. For the record I'm not intending min/maxing or anything beyond casual play - because right now I'm only mr11 and just about finished all the solar map nodes (bar a few on the derelict and eris). Oh and also I'd never play something like this in Defence because I recognise it's counter productive there. So more like casual Orb Vallis/PoE roaming, survivals/excavations etc. Anyway, with the rework coming I was thinking thematically about entering a group of enemies, casting 3 and 2 to debuff, then naramon void dash through them and walk around with something like the rakta dark dagger assassinating one by one with melee finishers while they all fight each other. My question is, is this a functional plan? I currently have only been using Zenurik and slowly ranking it up, so haven't touched Naramon at all yet. Not sure how I'm going to function without the crutch of energising dash, but I really like the idea of using void dash to prime enemies for melee finishers. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Edit - also no I don't want to use Loki - prefer hiding in plain sight and seeing the awesome animations than running around in perma stealth.)
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