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Question about DE bans



Hi, I have a friend that got banned (until 2035) because of a ingame bug. First of all, he saw a video of -N00blshowtek- in which you could level up weapons in seconds with Khora, he is very regretful and he did not knew that it was bannable (he trust nooblshowtek, he said that it was safe, the dude was reliable and very known in the community), and we want to ask if anyone had any experience with this kind of bans or if DE has a very strict thoughts about bans. At least he is hoping for a ban time reduction because the reason of the ban is not for banning that time, or some type of less harmless punishment. By the way he is waiting for a support response (he send the ticket about a week ago or so). Ill wait for any kind of answers and thanks.

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