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Excalibur Prime Polarities


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 Hi everyone! I don´t know if this is already on the forums but I find Excalibur Prime extra polaritie pretty useless, thing that shouldn´t be if you are paying for him and thats the "extra" that is not a benefit.


Let me explain: the original Excalibur comes with a "D" polarity that is awesome for shield mod and a "V" one that is great for power strength mod... but in the prime version we have and extra "V", I don´t think people uses power duration mod in Excalibur because it only improves slash dash range, but it is not necessary because slash dash already have a very good range, and the rage mod, while its hard to obtain (I haven't seen one) it doesn't feels like a viable option, its hard that enemies goes trough your shield and if they do, you will not stand to gain some energy, you run to a cover.


So my proposal is that the extra polarity should be changed to a "D" or a "-" polarity, were you can equip more useful mods.


    (I know I can forma that slot... or equip something at a highest cost and the problem is solved, but we are actually paying for it... with real money, so we should receive something useful, instead of having to pay a little extra for a forma and have to level the frame two times)


(English is not my language, so if I did some mistake, excuse me and I hope you understand what I'm trying to say)

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