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Wyrm's Warrior Mod: Zomg Where?!


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Hi folks,


Signed up for the game a long time ago (when Volt was a starter frame), never did much with it, just picked it up again, loving it for the most part.


I just got my first Control Module, and wanted to build a Sentinel with it, so I had the hard choice of which one to use first, and I went with Wyrm without checking my mod inventory to see what I had, mostly cause I was swimming in every Sentinel mod you can name...


EXCEPT WARRIOR, as it turns out. Nine or ten planets cleared, coming up on rank 3, and I don't have a single one of those. Zero.


Now my Wyrm will be ready in like 4 hours, and I'd kinda like him to be able to shoot stuff. Anyone seen a Warrior mod drop for them recently? From reading the Announcements, it looks like the drops are a little more enemy-specific than they used to be, so I'm looking for a drop location later than August 13th-ish. None of the Wiki-type sites have anything on this mod, viewing it as "too common" I guess (sadfase).



Thanks in advance folks,



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