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Didn't Get the Prize i choose from a Radshare!


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Hi , Today i was doing a Neo Z2 relic RadShare on proteus Neptune , I collected the required Traces and finished the Mission . Luckely we got Mesa BP we were after as prize ! The game strangely lagged on (Retreving prize from server..)  i was able to select Mesa bp as my prize anyways ! but when the counter ended i got Error : couldnt update account try again in 30 seconds. And i lost every thing .The prize ,the relic,and mision completion rewards. The game we just did doesn't appear on my View last mission progress. I contacted My other Team mates and it appears that they got the prize normally! I was wondering if the latter problem is from my side or something wrong in DE servers! Thnak u 

I checked my inbox and it got the wrong item!




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added image and some other info
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