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Improvements to Conservation


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The improvements listed below will make conservation objectively better.  Please implement them at your earliest convenience.

1)  Add high powered tranq rifle/tranquilizer.  This will 1 shot kubrows and shoot through Bolarolas armor.

2)  Add camouflage outfit.  This will allow the user to be invisible while not moving.

3)  Add scent blocker.  Basically what it says, keeps the animal from smelling you.

4)  Add another gear item, something like "Campground", "Hide","Treestand".  This will create a radius that keeps enemies from dropping in.  I'd say at least 100m.

Bonus)  Add a gun that shoots a high powered net to trap animals.  This will allow players to capture multiple Pobbers or even hit Sawgaws in flight.


Or I guess I can just keep playing Ivara.............


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